The events that took place in Romania after the report of the British Sky News, about arm dealers in Romania, are becoming more uncertain. Authorities on the other bank of the Prut insist that the story is a fake, while British reporters continue to claim it is true. However, three men, investigated in the case, initiated after the report, were detained by DIICOT prosecutors, they had to appear in court and be arrested, according to newspaper .

Pantics Levente, Pantics Csaba Atilla  and Szanto Aurelian, the intermediaries between the journalists and the people who appear in the report, were taken to the Capital Police Department and today they had to appear in court, threatened with preventive arrest.

The three Romanian citizens are accused of complicity in "communication or dissemination by any means, news, data, or false or forged documents, knowing their false character, thereby endangering national security", a crime for which they risk up to 5 years of imprisonment. Additionally, the men are accused of not respecting the arms and ammunition regime and setting up an organized crime group.

However, the authenticity of the material, presented in the report, is not clear. On the one hand, Sky News journalist, Stunart Ramsay, claims that the report about the alleged arm dealers in Romania is real and there was no entrapment. On the other hand, DIICOT prosecutors said that the investigation confirmed the existence of a script.

Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos commented on the report of the British journalists, he said that the attitude of Sky News in the story about the alleged illegal arm trafficking in Romania is “unacceptable”, calling the Romanian Ambassador in London to take a “stand”.

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