According to Public Procurement Agency information, the total value of state contracts through public acquisitions is about over 7.6 billion lei in 2014.

Among the companies that have benefited from the 7.6 billion lei public money there can be found foreign companies, companies with dubious reputation, but also those that were the donors to some political parties.

Also there are companies that have been mentioned in the top-2015 and top-2016 for the largest contracts.

Foreign companies, companies with dubious reputation and parties donors among the winners of the most valuable contracts in 2014

Among the firms that have won the most valuable contracts in 2014 (over 10 million lei for one contract) there are more than 60 companies. The top-10 companies are:

1. Aco Deal – the company benefited 67.5 million lei for just one contract. The contract worth 67.5 million was signed with the Moldova Railways for the modernization of the railways and installing the automated barriers.

The founder of the company Aco-Deal is I.C.S. A&B Acorex SRL. The Acorex is also the founder of the Aco-Drinks, the  Gazacor, the Toleghest-Grup and the Acorex-Trading. None of these companies benefited of state contracts. The state contract signed with the Moldova Railways is the only one company-winner.

According to the Report No.1 of monitoring public acquisitions made by the Association AGER (the "Public money is my money" social program), there are many hidden details about this contract. The AGER members were refused to get information about the implementation of the agreement between the Railways of Moldova and the Aco-Deal. According to the report, the contract value is too high for its subject. The AGER aimed to verify results of the provided services, as the contract term expired on November 5, 2015, but could not get the list of the 20 crossroads that were to be upgraded. The officials from Moldova Railways made clear that this contract was "problematic" and that they will not provide the data.

2. The Conest JS - benefited 49.9 million lei for the construction of the office of the Ungheni district Court. On April 4, there was signed an additional agreement to increase the contract with 1 million lei. Besides this contract the company won a contract of about 436 000 lei for the reconstruction of the stadium in the Ungheni

conest.pngThe company is registered in Iasi and belongs to businessman Vasile Cozma, one of the richest men of Iasi (11th place). According to the database of companies from Moldova, the Conest JS is the founder of the Conest Construct, registered on 10 April 2014. According to the Romanian press, the company wins the public acquisitions worth tens of millions of euro in Romania, particularly it signs contracts with Iasi City Hall.

The contracts with the Ungheni’s authorities are only signed by this company in Moldova. This company was the only one participant of public acquisitions for the construction of the Court’s office. Two companies participated in the public acquisitions for stadium reconstruction.

3. The Municipal Enterprise Exdrupo, founded by the Chisinau City Hall signed an agreement in 2014 to increase a contract with the Chisinau’s Directorate General of Public Transport and Communication for 48.9 million lei.

big-dezastru-pe-strada-negristeni-din-capitala-muncitorii-im-exdrupo-isi-bat-joc-de-banii-oamenilor.pngThe company's reputation is not one of the best one. In 2015, the company's workers were accused of poor quality asphalting works at capital’s Negresteni street and its pedestrian part. According to the, the asphalting of the pedestrian part of the street was done by the subcontractor the Lucet-Comert company, which belongs to the Chisinau’s Mayor brother Lucian Chirtoaca.

In 2015, the head of the company, Efim Cheptănari, was arrested for 30 days and charged of embezzlement of state property in especially large amount (about 700 thousand lei). Popov did not want to provide more details stating that other officials will come up with additional information.

During 2011-2014 period, the company signed contracts of 378.6 million lei. The largest was worth 128.9 million lei signed in 2013.

petas srl.jpg4. The Petas LLC is an Italian company that won the tender for the construction of Moldova’s Pavilion at the World Expo "Milano -2015" in 2014. The contract worth was over 37 million lei. Although the media wrote that the company was selected from 17 participants, according to the PPA website, there were only four participants in the public acquisition.

The Italian company hadn’t won other public acquisitions in Moldova.

5. The Orizontul-Lux JS signed a contract of 34.2 million lei in 2014, at the tender organized by the Agency “Apele Moldovei” for the complex of measures for liquidation of a building. In addition to this contract, which is in the top-10, the Orizontul-Lux SA also won six contracts with public authorities in Cahul, Hincesti and Cantemir with total amount over 11 million lei in 2014. The company earned 89.7 million lei during 2012-2016. Half of this amount of money was won during 2014.

The company is registered in Cahul.

6. The Accent Electronic sold computers worth 32.3 million lei to the Central Election Commission in 2014. The company also has won another 10 contracts / agreements worth 2.8 million lei, but also had two reduction agreements worth over 3 million lei in 2014.

accent e.pngAccording to the portal, the Accent Electronic actively participates in all major public acquisitions in Moldova and won most of them because their proposals were recognized as the best.

7. The Bantcarad LLC signed a contract of 30.9 million lei to repair the access road of the Crocmaz village, Stefan Voda district. The company has also won contracts worth over 4 million lei for some construction works. The company also had agreements to decrease the contracts for about 830 000 lei.

The founder of the Bantcarad is Codreanu Carolina (daughter of former head of the Girgiulesti Port Petru Codreanu, mentioned in articles "The Giurgiulesti Port – the free zone of dirty deals". The company was investigated by the NAC for the false accounting documents about collecting of ships payments.

Her name also appears as founder of the company Lacta Trade (2015). The Lacta Trade has no contracts with the state, but the Bantcarad, apart from the contracts for construction and repair, has contracts for food delivery, mostly dairy.

8. The IM Pro EX 2005 LLC signed 2 contracts worth over 10 million lei, one worth more than 2 million and another 5 worth about 1 million lei each. The biggest contract worth 30.4 million lei was signed with the Hancesti District Council for the construction of a multipurpose hall at the Sports Centre in Hancesti. The next day the company has won a tender of over 11.4 million lei for repairing the ventilation, conditioning and electric networks of the Hancesti District Hospital. Most of the public auctions were won by this company in Hancesti and Anenii Noi districts.

The company was founded in 2002 and belongs, in equal proportions, to business women Larisa Papanaga and a company in Romania - SC PRO EX 2005 SRL. Larisa Papanaga is also the founder of IE Larisa Papanaga.

According to the Jurnal de Chisinau, the administrator of the Pro EX 2005 Pavel Plamadeala was a generous donor of political parties during the parliamentary election campaign in 2014. Plamadeala donated 360 thousand lei to the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova. The contracts worth 11,4 million lei  and 30.4 million lei were the largest contracts signed by the company. Coincidentally or not, the company has signed them at the same year when the donations were made to the LDPM.

The Pro EX 20015 benefited about 64.1 million lei from the state contracts. Half of this money was benefited in 2014.

9. The Tandarel Grup signed only the one contract worth 30.3 million lei with the Sangerei District Council for the Independence street repair in 2014. It was the only one participant of public acquisition.

The Tandarel was founded in 2003 by Mihail Furculita and Mihail Petrov. Mihail Furculita is also the founder of the company and individual enterprise with the same name, which won two tenders (2011 and 2012) for food delivery worth over 150 thousand lei in the Radoia village, Sangerei district.

10. The Prima Fichir signed two contracts for over 20 million lei. The first one worth 29, 4 million lei for the construction of the aqueduct and the sewer network in Congazcicul de Sus village, Gagauzia. The second one contract worth 20.6 million lei for the renovation of the sewerage network in Comrat.

The Prima-Fichir is based in Comrat and is a kind of master of public acquisitions in this town and whole Gagauzia. In addition to those two contracts, the company signed contracts worth over 7 million lei with authorities in Ceadir-Lunga, Cimislia, Comrat, Basarabeasca in 2014.

Along with the company Exdrupo, the Prima-Fichir was included in the list of companies that won public acquisitions proposing the lowest price, but its cost increases while working for various reasons. According to the Ziarul National, who made this list, every tenth state contract is increasing. Moldovan legislation allows "price increase" of 30% from the original price, and this legal provision is used by some companies for their own benefiting. Sometimes it can be millions lei


The winner

Type of services

Contract worth

Contract increasing

The Department for the implementation of the project of

housing for the socially vulnerable groups of population


Construction of an apartment house

1,4 million lei

 2,298 million lei (164%)

The Office of the Straseni district’s head


Replacement of boilers in the Alecu Russo Lyceum (the Cojusna village)

187 000 lei

228 million lei (121%)

Chisinau’s Directorate General of Public Transport and Communication


Roads services

128,983 million lei

78,9 million lei (61%)

The Ambulance Station of  Center district of Chisinau

Delmar Construction

Reconstruction of the administrative building

12,812 million lei

5,340 million lei (41,6%)

The General Directorate of  construction and infrastructure of Gagauzia


Reconstruction of gynecological and surgical departments

3,314 million lei

1,195 million lei (36%)

Data from Ziarul NationalThe state enterprises had contracts worth millions lei as well. Among these may be mentioned: the Center of Special Telecommunications (two contracts worth 23.3 million lei each), the Vamservinform (a contract worth 10.8 million lei), Fiscservinform (a contract worth 15.9 million lei), The Radiocomunicatii (a contract worth 25.3 million lei).

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