Shortly after the protests of April 24, Andrei Nastase would have flown to Frankfurt where he met with controversial businessman Victor Topa. Although Nastase denies this, published a set of photos which demonstrate this fact.

According to the investigation, the DA Platform is funded directly by Victor and Viorel Topa with the money coming from arms trafficking as well, while Andrei Nastase would be merely a performer who receives money for his political activity. 

As such, the money for the Platform would be transferred through offshore companies and then Nastase would hide it on the accounts of his relatives. Thus, in 2009-2013 the amount of 101 thousand euros was transferred on the accounts of Ana Nastase, the mother of the politician. In the same period, Nastase's mother-in-law received the sum of 96 thousand EURO.

It’s for the first time that photos of Nastase's luxury car, an S Class Mercedes Benz worth 95 000 euros or 2 million lei, appears in the investigation.


The businesses Filat-Topa-Nastase writes that Filat-Topa-Nastase managed millions or even tens of millions of dollars and euros of more than a suspicious provenance, the respective money would be used to finance the protests, according to the journalists.

According to moldova24 Vlad Filat had a meeting with Victor Topa in Frankfurt on April 1, 2015.

After a series of financial manipulations in April 2010, only six months after the appointment of Vlad Filat as prime minister, "Diamond Trading", a company controlled by Victor and Viorel Topa, extracts over a million dollars from Victoriabank and transfers it on their own accounts in Riga.

From Riga accounts the money goes to the account of another offshore company – Bramco Business Corporation, managed by Eugene Slopac, ASITO chief.

”You will probably ask yourselves what business does Victor Topa have with people from the management of ASITO  – a company that is known to be controlled by Raider No.1 – Veaceslav Platon. The answer is on the surface – common business, while the exact figures of 88 thousand USA dollars they distributed to the heads of ASITO from the accounts of an off-shore company prove one thing – Topa has paid each of them", is mentioned by the authors of the investigation.

In the same period, Aero Flight Limited, transfers the amount of 15 825 dollars on the accounts of Diamond Trading, a firm from which the money got to ASITO people. Diamond, at its turn, transfers the money to Adrian Gitu, director of Jurnal Trust Media, which would be a lifelong friend of the Topa family.

According to "Apart from the extortion from Victoria Bank, milking the Civil Aviation, the first rider attack on BEM, the attempt to take over AIR MOLDOVA, things which were written about and presented evidence, ASITO could be passes with no hesitation on the list of assets the clan Topa and Filat owns”.

Thus, 825 000 dollars, converted into euros, arrive on the accounts of Euroleasing SRL in Moldova, which is a firm belonging to Victor Topa, while 200 thousand euros are transferred to Rheinstein Media Management Germany, which, in turn, on March 1, 2010, transfers them on the accounts of Jurnal de Chisinau Plus LTD. In only three days later another amount of 180 thousand USD gets on the accounts of Journal. The cards of Victor Topa’s family members are supplied by this money, while a part of it reaches Diamond Trading LTD.

„In this way, the links between all the above listed companies now become evident, as it becomes obvious who is their direct beneficiary - Victor Topa, who is also the owner of Jurnal Trust Media ", the investigation writes.

Less known schemes that have enriched Topa family

The authors of the investigation talk about the ties of Victor Topa with Victor But -one of the biggest arms dealers. The two have done business together, and it is said about it in several international reports, where Moldovan aircrafts Ilyushin 76 were involved in transporting weapons.

The Boieng involved in this scandal was sold in Moldova from Germany. And the person that was directly involved in the transaction was Victor Topa. In Moldova the plane is registered in the moment when the Government is led by Vlad Filat.

“While in freedom, Vlad Filat fled freely in Frankfurt, where plotted revolutions with Victor Topa. Now that his main ally in Moldova is in jail, Topa is forced to make decisions by himself and to give instructions to Andrei, right in front of the headquarters of MesseTurm – the nest in which he is hiding, the control tower of the revolution of chrysanthemums, a revolution in which Victor Viorel Andrei and Vlad are ready to spill the blood of men only to return to power, a  power they had almost throughout the existence of the Republic of Moldova - along with Lucinschi, or LDPM",  the authors of the investigation concluded.

The columnist Petru Bogatu "DA Platform deceived people's expectations”

bogatu-explica-razboiului-informational-promovat-de-kremlin-1399374229.jpgThere is a lot of criticism of Nastase and the Platform he leads coming from other public persons. The columnist Petru Bogatu recently said at a TV channel that the platform Dignity and Truth deceived people's expectations.

„When the Platform appeared I thought it is a promising element. These people have perverted this idea and even worse - they deceived people’s expectations. The deception of expectations is an ordinary betrayal”.

The journalist also referred to the behavior of Andrei Nastase at the last press conferences when he attacked several journalists.

„Nastase's reactions are unspeakable. It is not the first time when he attacks the journalists. It is serious because he claims to embody the change. Change is needed, but who with we do the change and what do we change? I am distressed when such a character who behaves like an ordinary cad claims to win the presidential seat", said Petru Bogatu. "This is a serious problem we face: lack of solutions in the Moldovan democracy. We all opt for pluralism and new parties that would change things for the better but who represents these organisations? And, ultimately, it is found out that there is nothing to choose and it is not by chance that these characters have perverted the "dignity and truth" project", Bogatu also mentioned.

His statements were made in the context of the information of the latest investigation that the dirty money Topa and Nastase have introduced into politics through the DA Platform, and the relations of the fugitive oligarch with arms trafficker Victor But.

Journalists’ call to the US Embassy in Moldova

After the publication of the investigation, journalists have come to call the attention of Embassies in the Republic of Moldova. The addressing was written to the US Embassy in Moldova, to the Romanian Embassy, the German Embassy, as well as to representatives of the EU in Moldova, the National Anti-Corruption Center, the Prosecutor’s General Office and the Security and Intelligence Service. They require law enforcement agencies to be involved in the investigation of the above-mentioned information.

“The petty interests of the oligarchic group driven by persons convicted in Moldova and some political actors involved in corruption scandals, are more than clear - return to power and escape from justice, even at the cost of  entirely compromising the European course of the country, a journey Moldovan citizens gave their vote for in the last parliamentary elections. We ask EU representatives to check the economic activity of this group, which finances through obscure means the destabilization of the Republic of Moldova by violent protests. We ask the US Embassy to check the ties of the oligarch Victor Topa with Victor Bout and Victor Topa's involvement in schemes with arms trafficking", it is written in the call text.  

Nastase-Plahotniuc fight is given through the media close to the two

According to, the articles that appeared in the Moldovan press last week show openly the battle between the two politicians. Media institutions that are part of General Media Group have published the investigation the most.

On, the news about this investigation came shortly after its publication on the Today portal. Even if they did extensive news, journalists did not ask for Năstase’s reaction to the published investigation. On the site of news about this investigation appear after 3 hours after its publication on

Instead, the news about this investigation has not been found in bulletins or news site JurnalTV. Instead this channel published only the reaction of Andrei Nastase and the members of the Council of the National Assembly, in which they blame the press information and harshly criticize the journalists associated to Plahotniuc.

This investigation is carried out at the command of Plahotniuc and published by the press, which he paid. The purpose of the information that appeared in the media of the oligarch is discrediting the protests, eliminating the Dignity and Truth Platform’s Party leader Andrei Nastase from the presidential race and his arrest. The statement was made for JurnalTV by the members of the Council of the National Assembly that have lauched a call to the EU and USA embassies and to the entire international community.

„Lately, especially after the self-entitlement of the oligarch Plahotniuc as executive coordinator over all state institutions, his media holding, which is essentially terrorist and propagandistic, launched in public broadcasting several dirty things regarding Andrei Nastase. The real purpose of these dirty broadcasting campaigns on the Internet and within the broadcasting space of certain faked films, manufactured at the order of the criminal oligarch is, on the one hand, to discredit the protest movement, the only force capable of bringing the state out of captivity and to  deconstruct the Interpol chasing octopus and to prepare the public opinion for the criminal solution of the regime to arrest the leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform, with his elimination from the presidential race", said the spokesman CNA, Chiril Moţpan.

Crime Moldova published the right to reply: Andrei Nastase denies all charges

In a TV program on TV7, Andrei Nastase declared that Victor and Viorel Topa would have nothing to do with the Dignity and Truth Platform.

Moreover, Nastase harshly criticized the journalists who published the investigation without giving him the right to reply. According to the politician, the disclosed informations are aberrations.

A sick mind destroys a country. The same sick mind destroyed and still destroys lots of men fates. By lying, lynching, persecution. Lately, it came too close to me and my wandering family.

In the message on his Facebook account, Nastase also says that everything he has he earned by fair and democratic means: "I am a free man. I am a responsible man and the master of my decisions. I'm strong. Everything I've gotten in life is legal, honest and worthy of a child, responsible husband and father to his family. Worthy of a citizen with dignity", the Dignity and Truth Platform Party leader mentioned. 

Earlier, the Platform Dignity and Truth Party leader, Andrei Nastase, said in an interview that he is monitored daily by cars with Transnistrian registration numbers and by cars of the MIA, that his phone is being intercepted and his email is being broken, and even his home is supervised and the decision to move his family from Moldova was taken following several threats.

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