The colonel of the customs point Bender, Petru Costin, who has a collection in the forest composed of four aircrafts, lives in a luxury house on Ion Vatamanu street, from downtowm Chisinau, having as neighbors Anatolie Donciu, head of integrity, several businessmen and foreign diplomats.


The house is registered under the name of a 82-year-old lady. Petru Costin's wife, Natalia, on whose name several properties and businesses are recorded, stated in various documents, that she lives namely on this address.

The security guards from that area, stated for CrimeMoldova, that they see the colonel pretty much every day at this address and, now that the colonel is under house arrest, they see him often walking his dog along the street. Please note that Petru Costin, who is the head of the Bender internal customs point, is under investigation following the raids undertaken by the Anticorruption Prosecutor at the customs points Tudora, Palanca and Bender.

Another real estate is registered under Petru Costin’s name, on 11 Ion Vatamanu street. According to land registry documents, Petru and Natalia Costin purchased the land with an unfinished building in 2002, in 2004 the house was finished, and in 2007, the Colonel Costin gives the estate owner right over to his wife.

The house from 11 Ion Vatamanu street is rented by a diplomatic mission accredited in Chisinau. Judging by the plate numbers of the cars parked at the gate, it is the Romanian Embassy.

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Please note that Petru Costin’s Income Statement does not state that he owns any immovable or movable properties.

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