A summer camp became subject of an investigation because a water supply and sewage networks renovation project has been stagnating for more than two years, even though authorities have so far invested two million lei in it.

Anticoruptie.md writes that the rehabilitation of water supply networks / sewer and the treatment plant at the summer camp Miorita near the village of Ivancea started in 2014. The auction was held on 22 June 2014, the four operators participated in the competition. Concretcons LLC won the tender, making an offer of 1.9 million lei. In accordance with the contract, the work had to be completed within 2 months from the date of contract conclusion. However, two years after the work had to be finished, the authorities have not yet signed the act of final acceptance. The reason is, according to the authorities, poor quality of work. Neither the treatment plant, nor the water supply or sewage systems are working at full capacity, as foreseen by the technical requirements and sanitary norms, and the camp activities suffer from this. Moreover, the authorities have no tool to influence the entrepreneur, this is because, contrary to legal provisions, the cost of the work has been paid in full.

The Head of Education Directorate of Orhei District, Silvia Mustovic, argues that: "The trenches dug for networks were fudge. The ground collapses under your feet, and if it is wet, you can sink up to your knees. Cement from several wells cracked and there is a danger of collapse. Plastic caps were installed on some wells and they vibrate when someone steps on them. According to the technical specifications, these caps were to be made ​​of cast iron. Some sidewalks on the camp territory are made of gravel." 

The administrator of Concretcons LLC, Alexandru Paladi, said the company he represents has no blame for the fact that the act of final acceptance has not yet been signed. "The start of the project was delayed due to weather conditions. In April-May 2015, the work was completed, and the act of acceptance was not signed so far because the beneficiary does not have a technical manager who would organize the final acceptance," Paladi says. "The parameters, indicated in the project were not consistent with the actual dimensions of the field, and it would have created problems in the functioning of the treatment plant," Paladi reasons.

According to the data from the Cadaster, Miorita camp is not officially registered. It was built in Codri without the authorization of the Ministry of Environment. Meanwhile, the authorities and the contractor say they have no definite solution for conflict mediation and completion of work, the source notes.

According to the Finance Department, in 2013-2015 educational institutions received additional allocations exceeding 11 million lei. The figure is impressive considering that some of the money was transferred to liquidate various loopholes after the companied that won tenders completed the work. 

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