Today a new session in the case of Veaceslav Platon was postponed.

The hearing was attended by the wife of Platon.

Prosecutor announces that Platon, from September 16 to canceled the challenge of  judge Victor Răţoi, but at today's meeting, submitted a new request to waive the earlier application, therefore, postponing the hearing until the Constitutional Court decision.

The prosecutor did not want to comment: "They intend to delay, Ask them." he said.

Lawyer Ana Ursachi, says Veaceslav Platon submitted an application to attract accountable the head of Prison No.13, Igor Juval.

Ursachi also said that the businessman intends to file a complaint against Vladimir Plahotniuc in Romania and the Russian Federation. "Platon asked us to accompany him legally to hold Plahotniuc accountable in the jurisdiction of Romania and Russian Federation"

At the same time, on 23 September, lawyers will require examining the application for his release as 30 days of arrest have expired. 

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