Two hearings on examining Renato Usatîi’s case that were to be held yesterday and today, have been postponed. The court accepted and rejected several requests from the defenders of Usatîi and asked the prosecutor to present all case materials.

Thus, at yesterday's meeting, the investigating judge examined a number of requests from the defense. The lawyers have required all the materials of the criminal case, not just those related to the criminal case resumed in 2011 but also from the recently initiated cases by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Regarding the criminal case from 2011, the court partially upheld one application of the defenders on the submission of additional materials by the prosecutor Vitaly Busuioc, and escorting a party that will be present at the next hearing.

According to the prosecutor, the lawyers tend to delay the hearing of the case in all the possible ways. He suggested that they had anticipated yesterday that the today’s hearing will be postponed.

The prosecutor Vitalie Busuioc said “The case materials were not requested since the last meeting. We examined the request for cancellation of the order on a previous criminal case. The materials are confidential and we can not present all of them. The defense tends to delay the process. They said that they will submit more requests.”

According to him, the court requested the presence of the lawyer of the injured party (Gorbunţov) in this case, at the hearings.

On the other hand, after yesterday's meeting, the lawyer Anatol Istrate said that the prosecutor has requested and secured citing in the trial of Gorbunţov’s lawyer, the defense deemed to not be discriminated against other parts of the file, they must also be cited . According to him, there are 3 people directly involved in the case, the status of whom is unknown, because the prosecutor did not present all case materials. Istrate said that without these materials, they can not know neither Usatîi’s status in the case filed in 2011, nor Gorbunţov’s.

While the prosecutor claims that  Usatîi and Gorbunţov are the only parties in the criminal case of fraud, the lawyer says that 4 people other people are charged with this offence: Davidean, Malarciuc, Usatîi and Ceban. The four accused people created a criminal group in 2011 and stripped Gorbunţov of Universalbank shares.

Thus, the lawyer said that not citing all this people who received acusation in this criminal case, will be considered a violation of their procedural rights.

Today's meeting lasted less, being postponed to December 28 of this year, when there will be examined the committee complaints. Usatîi's lawyers had requested an examination of two complaints: revoke the illegality of arrest and an order for initiating criminal proceedings.

Also, the defense asked for  Davidean, Malarciuc and Ceban to be heard today as evidence, because the media published information about the fact that they were tortured and ill-treated. But the court rejected the request on the hearing of 3 people, considering it groundless. 

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