The case of Valeriu Boboc , a young man killed on the night of 7 to 8 April of 2009, in the National Square, reached the ECHR. The information was confirmed for byValeriu Plesca, one of the lawyers of victim’s family.

The lawyer told the source that the application was submitted to the ECHR after all domestic remedies have been exhausted.

"We believe that Valeriu Boboc’s right to life was violated,  in violation of the state's obligation not to cause death and to take the necessary measures for effective protection of the right to life. There wasn’t conducted a serious and thorough investigation into the circumstances of his death either, "said Valeriu Pleşca for the source. The defender also said that the victim's relatives were not allowed in all the resonance cases on officials, accused of negligence or abuse of power, resulting in the death of the victim.

The only person convicted of murdering Valeriu Boboc was ex-policeman Ion Perju. However, according to the lawyer, the video and witness’ statements show that the young man was beaten by several representatives of law enforcement authorities, on the basis of indications to retain all protesters, including by force.

Ion Perju was accused of fatally injuring the young man. He was sentenced by the Court of Appeal to 10 years in prison, the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court Of Justice, after in December of 2013, he was acquitted by Buiucani Sector Court. However, Perju was not taken under guard at the Court of Appeal and left the hearing before the verdict. Currently, Ion Perju is wanted by Interpol.

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