The corruption case on bribing the PMs was fabricated on Vladimir Plahotniuc’s order, and Vitalie Burlacu and Irina Baglai had been wrongly convicted. The statement was made by Veaceslav Platon to an Ukrainian notary before being arrested. A copy of the statement was sent to CrimeMoldova Editorial by Platon’ lawyers.

Veaceslav Platon admits that he had close relationship with Burlacu and Baglai, and claims that they had been used by Plahotniuc in order to not make statements against him, in the lawsuit filed by Victor and Viorel Topa.

Platon claims that he had met with Plahotniuc in December of 2014 in a hotel from Vienna, Austria, and that Plahotniuc would had promised if he withdraws his testimony, then Burlacu and Baglai will be released from custody, otherwise, they will be sentenced to many years in prison.

Veaceslav Platon also says that in 2011, his business partner Yuri Kontievski, had bought from Plahotniuc shares from Victoribank and the insurance company Asito, which he would had stolen from Topa. Platon says that his interest in this business was a commission of 50 percent. In 2013, Victor and Viorel Topa addressted the Dutch justice. Platon and Kontievski met in Italy with Topa’s lawyers and made written statements on the transaction from 2011, and based on these statements, the justice in Holland seized the assets of Plahotniuc in the Netherlands in the amount of 65 million dollars.

Platon stated in the declaration to the Ukrainian notary that his problems, but also the problems of his relatives with Moldovan justice began in November of 2013, after the Chairman of Victoriabank Board of Directors, Natalia Politov- Gangaş, tried to remove him and Kontievski from the administration of the bank.

Platon presented a list of cases filed by the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office on the names of some of his relatives, who are actually innocent.

On July 12, 2016 the District Court sentenced Vitalie Burlacu to 11 years in prison and Irina Baglai to three years on probation, for allegedly concocted corruption of seven MPs from the faction of the Liberal Party Reform Party and the Liberal Democratic Party . Former police officer Vitalie Burlacu and model Irina Baglai were detained on March 7, 2014, while sending 250 thousand dollars to a deputy to leave the faction he was a member of. After being released from custody, Burlacu has never showed up at the hearings again. Prosecutors have announced former Interior Ministry employee in search, but could not get the arrest warrant on his name, because he was under arrest for more than a year.

Previously, many MPs said that Vladimir Plahotniuc would be behind all these alleged attempts to corrupt deputies.




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