A new hearing in the case of Veaceslav Platon was held at the Buiucani Court. His defense asked judges to release him on the grounds that Platon's 30 days remand expired and he is unlawfully detained. The meeting was postponed to September 20.

Veaceslav Platon discussed today with journalists in the same manner, while being escorted through courtrooms.

The businessman was asked by journalists whether he will testify in the defense of Vlad Filat, he said that the statements will be "objective" and that he would do it so "the truth to comes out." Asked if he thinks he will be released, Platon says that "I will not get out of jail today, the justice is captured".

Lawyer, Ana Ursachi told journalists that there was an application submitted requesting a list of hearing witnesses. "Will be called to hearings, Plahotniuc, Victor Topa, Ilan Shor, Cornel Ghimpu, Dragutanu, Victoria Politov. Prosecutors have 15 days to accept or reject this. If this does not happen, then take away your hope to learn the truth about the theft of the billion by regime change ".

The prosecutor that is investigating the case, said about the application that requested a list of witnesses that "Lawyers have asked, we either dismiss or reject."

Ursachi also informed about the fact that tomorrow at District Court in Kiev, will be examined Platon's lawyers in Ukraine. "Defenders have a significant amount of evidence to cancel the extradition. Tomorrow in the process, Platon should be present at the hearing, the court, even if it recognizes formally has no data when and how Platon disappeared, tomorrow as he will not be present, the court will ask where is Kobaliov ( Platon), because the court only knows about the extradition from the media wave. "

It is worth mentioning that on 21 September, the Court of Appeal of Kiev exposed the legality of the warrant of arrest issued in the name of Veaceslav Platon.

The lawyer also said that "I expect bad news."

Ursachi said that was requested the recusal of Judge Victor Răţoi. "An objection was lodged by defense and Platon who was treated with hostility after the meetings."

The Advocate said that together with her colleague they were forced to sign a document promising not to disclose the data in the case. "I did not sign, but i am waiting for the results of the appeal," says Ana Ursachi.

Related to Vlad Filat, Ursachi stated that: "At the moment, Platon did not talk about Vlad Filat. Filat is where he is, Platon can demonstrate that Shor is lieing and this is useful for Filat ".

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