The Superior Council of Magistrates decided to postpone the hearings on the resignation request of the judge Orandas because there was no quorum.

According to the ZDG, at the meeting the SCM planned to consider the Victor Orandas resignation who is the judge at the District Commercial Court. The SCM member Teo Carnat also claimed that the hearings were postponed because he was the lawyer on the case the Security and Intelligence Sevice complaint was about.

The judge Orandas was declared incompatible with the position he holds

orandas unimediainfo.jpgVictor Orindas /

In November 2015, the judge Victor Orandas was declared incompatible with the position he held by the SCM and was dismissed because of the law misapplience.

The SCM members argued that the decision is related to the fact that Orandas was involved in scandalous scheme of money laundering to Russia via Moldova. He issued three orders to help laundering of $1.4 billion. The press wrote he was involved in the raider attacks on the Banca de Economii.

On February 15, 2016, the Supreme Court of Justice reinstated Victor Orandas in his function. And immediately after this decision Orandas requested his own resignation. He said then that he is forced to leave because of persecution against him: in February 2015 the SIS released the information about the pressures on some cases of the former head of the Chisinau Central Court Ion Turcan.

Orandas said after making public the Turcanu’s attempts to influence the liquidation case of the Falun Dafa and the Falun Gong firms and the Banca de Economii vs Proacvacom LLC case he was contacted by "SIS officers and provokers, current or former, who tried to persuade me using threats masked as the tips or suggestions to help me, or came with disinformation to unbalance me psychologically".

ion turcan zdg.jpgThe judge Ion Turcanu commented on those statements: "It is my goal to get down to the level of the sick fantasies, because I don’t know if Mr. Orandas even believe what he wrote in that statement that I was the cause of his dismissal. I had never had any conflict with him. If Mr. Orandas has problems, that’s not my problem".

In November 2015 Orandas went in Romania and later went to the treatment in the US. Although he doesn’t activates as the SCM judge, the SCM members still vote on his demission.

Victor Orandas is the judge of the District Commercial Court since 2011.

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