Head of Anti-Corruption Prosecution, Viorel Morari, is dissatisfied with the appearance in the press of the minutes of the hearing of Ilan Shor, where he denounces Veaceslav Platon.

Morari told for Anticoruptie.md that: "The minutes of the hearing the witness was attached to the case, submitted by the prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant. It was handed over to the defense. One of the lawyers probably forwarded this document to the press. The prosecution has to confidential. The parts are not entitled to disclose the criminal case.  Defenders are not usually warned about non-disclosure of prosecution. Perhaps in the future we will do that. "

Viorel Morari also commented on the behavior of some lawyers of the businessman Veaceslav Platon.

"The lawyer must have an honest and fair behavior towards other participants at the process. Here, things happen differently, they think that lawyers are campaigning or are political figures. If we take action against lawyers now we will be accused of persecuting them for the actions they do.There are grounds to sanction the lawyer for these leaks in the press, but the procedure is not very clear, "said the head of Anticorruption Prosecution.

Morari also said that the investigation in the case of Platon is difficult because of the large amoutn of work, but a big part of the evidence had already been administred when the arrest was demanded in his absence (unjustified absence of the defendant from the trial - n.r.). Morari does not exclude that Platon could be charged with other accusations, in the new cases that could be brought up, the same source notes.

Recall that last week, the press published the minutes of the additional hearing of Ilan Shor, dated July 22, in which he states that in November 2014, Veaceslav Platon asked for money to get rid of a debt to Victoribank.

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