2015 was a year of plenty for some magistrates serving the Courts of Appeal. Like their colleagues from the Supreme Court of Magistrates (SCM) and the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), judges of the Court of Appeal (CA) had salaries of more than 200 thousand lei and some of them had pensions of over 100 thousand lei. Most frequently, CA judges purchased cars, some chose very cheap, while others opted for ones that were more expensive. The property statements of judges from Bender CA have not yet been posted on the webpage of Supreme Court of Magistrates. The official website states that they are being processed now.

              Acquisitions of judges of Chisinau CA in 2015


More than half of the 53 judges of the Court of Appeal in Chisinau had new acquisitions or opened bank accounts in 2015.

Eight of the judges from Chisinau CA purchased cars: Borislav Babenco bought a BMW 320 at the price of 70 thousand lei; Angela Bostan acquired a Honda CRV for 175 thousand lei. A. Bostan also declared a debt of 100 thousand lei, emerged in 2015. Elena Cobzac bought a Mazda 2 for only 15 thousand lei. Additionally, Cobzac declared that she invested in the construction of a 2-bedroom apartment that costs 579 476 lei. Maria Guzun became the owner of a Volvo XC 70, paying 254 thousand lei for it. The judge also declared that she opened two bank accounts, one of 32 665 lei in 2016 and another of 19,541 lei in 2008 - 2015. Iurie Iordan bought a Toyota Rav 4 for 200 thousand lei. His colleague, Ana Panov, also purchased a Toyota Rav 4, but hers is slightly more expensive - 346 500 lei. The judge’s family acquired 26 plots of agricultural land in Căuşeni with the total value of 232 940 lei. Panov’s family hold other agricultural land in the same locality, acquired previously. In 2015, she sold 66 947 ha of agricultural land, obtaining a revenue of 1.1 mln lei besides her salary. Judge Anatolie Minciuna came into the possession of a Skoda Fabia, for which he paid 90 thousand lei. Gennady Morozan acquired a Ford Ranger by means of a bailment agreement, but the car value is not indicated. The magistrate also declared some debt in the amount of 26280 euros (303 955 lei paid) and 303 955 lei left.

Part of the magistrates from Chisinau CA came into the possession of new real estate: Svetlana Balmus acquired an unfinished building for only 6 thousad lei. The judge declared a debt of 10 thousand lei that appeared in 2015. Nelea Budai inherited 5 plots of land, but their value is not stated. Additionally, in 2015 judge Budăi mortgaged an apartment, amounting to 1,046,519 lei. She contracted a debt of 20 thousand euro. Mihail Ciugureanu came into the possession of a house worth 4.5 million lei. The statement says that the house was acquired under an exchange contract for a construction site, valued at 3.8 mln lei. Eugeniu Clim purchased a dwelling house, but at a lower price than that paid by his colleague. The house is worth about 806 thousand lei and has an adjacent site worth 54 thousand lei. Judge Clim also declares two bank accounts (for his salary and pension) with the total amount of about 17 thousand lei. Magistrate Nichifor Corochii declared investment of 243 930 lei in the construction of a house, as well as an auxiliary building next to the house, but its value is not stated. Iurie Melinteanu declares a housing construction, but he does not indicate its value. The judge also declares financial assets, worth 80 thousand lei deposited in 2015, a pension card with 23818 lei and a salary of 8,200 lei. The magistrate Oxana Robu acquired from a donation a construction site worth 92 621 lei and a housing construction worth 481 341 lei. The judge also declares financial assets, amounting to 16 thousand lei. Dina Rotarciuc acquired in 2015 a construction site worth 79 411 lei. The judge also declares a pension card with 69 thousand lei. Stelian Teleuca says that he acquired in 2015 a ¼ share of an apartment. It values 43 thousand lei. The property was obtained based on a certificate of joint property ownership. Furthermore, the magistrate declares that in 2015 he opened a current account of 4000 euros and a salary card of 50 lei. Additionally, in 2015 Teleuca contracted a debt of 900 thousand lei, due for 2035.

Other judges, working at Chisinau CA, had no acquisitions in 2015, including the President of CA - Ion Plesca. Even if they did not make any new purchases, some of them have solid financial assets, acquired last year. There are judges who in 2015 contracted more debts.

   Property of President of Chisinau CA

445-curtea-de-apel-1.jpgOn 24.07.2015, Ion Plesca obtained a new term as president of Chisinau Court of Appeal. At that time, they talked a lot about his candidacy, as Plesca had no contestant. At the same time, one of the members of the SCM, Tatiana Raducanu, considered that the magistrate’s involvement in scandals raised doubts with regard to his integrity. Previously, he was a Member of the Parliament in three law-making bodies, as well as judge and president of Botanica District Court. 

In 2015, Plesca received a salary of 263 thousand lei and a pension of 114 thousand lei, his wife, who is a lawyer, had a salary of 287 000 lei. Pleşca also had income from teaching activities - about 13 thousand lei.

casa plesca.jpgIn 2015, the family had no new acquisitions. As for his real estate property, the official declares a plot of land, worth 708 074 lei, a house worth 1,559,884 lei, an apartment, worth 1 mln lei and a basement of 265 249 lei. Officially, the family has no car.

Plesca also declares a, salary and a pension card, with a total value of about 25 thousand lei. The president of Chisinau CA declares debts of 12.8 million lei and 350 thousand dollars. The news portal investigatii.md wrote that the money had been borrowed in 2 years; the magistrate mortgaged the same apartment several times. As it is known, such loans are considered favors.

The reconstruction of Chisinau CA, chaired by Plesca, had to be completed in 2015. Mass media wrote at that time that money for the reconstruction and renovation of courthouses, about 18 mln lei, was to reach the accounts of a company, owned by a former party colleague of Plesca, who had previously won 64 million lei to carry out these works.

Additionally, Ion Plesca, was among the participants in the notorious hunting at Padurea Domneasca (Princely Forest - nature reserve).

              Acquisitions of judges of Balti CA in 2015

curtea de apel balti.png

Of 23 judges, working at Balti Court of Appeal, 11 made acquisitions in 2015, mostly cars, however the models are not indicated. Thus, in 2015, Ruslana Burdeniuc purchased a car worth 160 thousand lei. The judge had a year of plenty, inheriting 2 sites worth about 2 thousand lei both, 2 apartments worth 176 717 and 92539 lei, as well as 50 thousand lei. Judge Tatiana Duca bought a car worth 98 250 lei, while Adriana Garbuz paid for her car 12 thousand euro, Gennadie Liulca – 80 thousand lei, Ala Rotaru – 30 thousand lei, Gheorghe Scutelnic – 20 thousand lei. One of the most expensive cars, over 424 000 lei, was obtained by Svetlana Sliahtitki by means of bailment agreement. In February 2015, the judge contracted some debts in the amount of 21 thousand euros and 50 thousand lei, both due for 2018. Aurelia Toderas purchased a car for 56 thousand lei. She also declared the opening of an account of 203 thousand lei, equivalent to her salary.

Two judges from Balti Court of Appeal purchased apartments in 2015. Dumitru Pusca, in early 2016, received an apartment worth 61920 lei as a donation. In the same period of time, judge Stela Procopciuc acquired ½ of an apartment worth 51840 lei.

Other judges of Balti CA had no new acquisitions in 2015.They declared insignificant financial assets and liabilities.

              Property of the president of Balti CA

504-alexandru-gheorghies-840x420.jpgThe president of Balti Court of Appeal is Alexander Gheorghies who obtained this position in June 2012.

In 2015, Gheorghies had a salary of 242 thousand lei, and his wife engaged in Registru IS received 84 thousand lei. The judge earned about 1300 lei by teaching. Gheorghies obtained another 71 thousand lei, from the alienation of some property.

Gheorghies’ family had no new acquisitions in 2015. They own six land sites totaling 41 682 lei, a house worth 51 994 lei and two shares in Daac-Hermes. Gheorghies does not declare other property.

In August 2015, the mayor of Balti Renato Usatii accused Gheorghies of dodging payments for the privatization of an apartment worth 400 thousand lei.  The president of Balti Court of Appeal Balti registered his parents-in-law there to escape any payment. The apartment does not appear in the declaration.

Last year, Gheorghies appeared on the list of judges, who had disciplinary proceedings; he was involved in two cases concurrently.

              Acquisitions of judges of Cahul CA


Seven judges work at Cahul Court of Appeal. Only the president of the Court and two judges had new acquisitions in 2015.

tatiana_dimitriadi.jpgTatiana Dimitriadi chairs Cahul CA. She obtained this position earlier this year.

Her income from Cahul CA in 2015 amounts to 194 288 lei, while the income of the husband is 119 845 lei.

Dimitriadi had no acquisitions in 2015, but she had a donation of a land plot worth about 12 thousand lei, as well as a house with auxiliary buildings and some land worth 25525 lei, received on condition of providing life maintenance.

Dimitraidi owns 1/2 a share of an apartment worth 450 thousand lei, a garage worth 20 thousand lei and a Volkswagen Golf worth 75 thousand lei.

Ion Danaila is the second judge from Cahul CA who had acquisitions in 2015. He bought a Skoda Jeti worth 473 576 lei (the most expensive car among the CA judges).

             Acquisitions of judges of Comrat CA


Only four judges work at Comrat CA, including the interim president. In 2015, two of them came into the possession of new goods. Gricore Colev received a donation of four sites totaling about 12 thousand lei. The judge also acquired an apartment worth about 55 thousand lei and made 3 bank deposits in lei and in dollars, with 9800 dollars and 71368 lei.

Stefan Starciuc is the other judge from Comrat CA, who had acquisitions in 2015. He bought an Opel Vectro worth 20 thousand lei. The judge Sergei Gubenco acquired in 2015 only a debt of 91 thousand lei.

There is just an interim president at Comrat CA, Afanasii Curdov. He holds the position as of 15 May 2014. Curdov had no purchases last year. His family’s income in 2015 was 463 944 lei.

Curdov owns an apartment worth 1.5 million lei, a garage of 9000 lei and 2 cars: a Volkswagen Passat worth 26 800 lei and a BMW X5 worth 100 thousand lei.     

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