Veaceslav Untila, new President of the Court of Auditors, lives in a luxury building, which he has not indicated in his statements of income and property, writes

Untilă owns property in Chisinau, but also some companies which are not in the statement of income and property.

According to the source, Untilă declared two apartments, 1/3 of a dwelling house only 30 square meters, achieved in 1998, a garage on the Korolenko street, two Toyota cars and shares in three companies: SA Moldcargo and SRL Energogazpurificare, held through his wife, Alexandra, and Sprint Mega SRL, of which he owns 50% of the share capital.

Unofficially, he lives in a millions worth building in Telecentru , which he built at the beginning of 2000. With his family, he owns and other Companies.

Cadastral data show that in the V. Cheltuială and Cireșilor streets perimeter, Untilă family owns two buildings: one with an area of 125.9 square meters and another with an official area of 163 square meters. 1/3 of the house on Cireșilor street, the one we find in the income statement of Veaceslav Untilaof 163 square meters, is registered ton the CoA president's wife, Alexandra. He came into possession of it in 1998, following a donation contract. The other 2/3 of the estate belonging to two other people, apparently unrelated to the CoA head.

The neighboring building who has officially only 125.9 square meters, where Veaceslav Untila and his wife Tatiana live,  is registered on Tatiana Untilă-Spatari, one of the daughters, and is not in any of his last declaration of assets. The millions worth house, one of three levels, recently renovated, which we filmed with a drone, belonged between 1995 and 1999 to Veaceslav Untilă, after which it was donated to his daughter, Tatiana, who was then only 18 years old. Besides the two houses, Untilă family owns two apartments, one with an area of 60 sqm, located on str. Grenoble, purchased in 2011, and another of 72.5 sqm on str. Drumul Viilor, obtained in 1999, informs

At the same time the source mentions that Veaceslav Untila owns 50% of SRL "Mega Sprint", founded in 2007 with Cyril Braganciuc. The new president of the CoA wife, owns 10% of company capital of "Energogazpurificare" SRL. In 2012, the main kind of activity declared was the renting of immovable property, the company obtained an income of MDL 641 000. Alexandra Untilă owns 2% of the shares of the Insurance Company "Moldcargo" (worth MDL 600 thousand, located in the top five companies in this area in Moldova.

More details about the wealth of Untila and other members of the CoA, can be read HERE.

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