In the last days the "Platon case" is the topic most covered in the local press and his defenders came out to the ramp.

Platon’s lawyer, Gleb Seghida, has over 10 years’ experience in the field and is the manager-partner of the law firm Pravovest. 


According to, Gleb Seghida is an expert in real estate, construction, financial and banking law.

Even if the law firm is not one of the best in this area, it seems that the attorney earns pretty well. The photos on the social networks confirm this, Seghida posting photographs of exotic destinations and luxury cars.

 Platon defended by the same company that defends Gofman, too

The American “Frontiers Solutions” company expressed itself on Platon's defense. The company previously informed the Moldovan authorities on the initiation of investigations in the US on the billion theft.

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Thus, according to the Ukrainian media and Platon's lawyer, Frontiers Solutions has addressed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko a letter stating that Platon is willing to testify in front of the US investigators about the involvement of the Moldovan leadership in the "theft of the century”.

According to, one of the directors of Frontier Solutions, John Sandweg, noted in a comment for the Ukrainian publication Evropeiskaia Pravda that the company has signed a representation agreement of Platon's interests in the US: "Mr. Platon is the key witness in the investigation conducted by the US Department of Justice, US Customs police and FBI about the theft of a billion from Moldovan banks. He is well informed about the means and methods of the respective theft and the whereabouts of the stolen money”.

In addition, Frontier Solutions asked the Prosecutor General of Ukraine "to postpone the extradition of Platon until his interrogation by US law enforcement agencies”.

Besides, the letter also shows that Platon's life in Moldova would be in danger. The company previously declared the same thing about Mihail Gofman, requesting the Moldovan authorities to make sure that he will not be intimidated.

Both letters (to the authorities of Moldova and the Ukraine) were signed by the lawyer John Sandweg.

The press wrote that Sandweg was the one who invited Gofman to the US. In America, he would be involved in a scandal related to the abusive occupation of the leadership of the US Law Enforcement and Immigration Agency. According to, in the US Sandweg is known as the "lawyer of criminals", as confirmed by international media.

It is curious that Frontiers Solutions was founded in 2014 and has only three employees, but is eager to investigate the “theft of the century”.

Today, at a press conference, the Head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Viorel Morari, spoke about Frontiers Solutions. He said the company is not an official body, but a public association, which includes former employees of public authorities from different countries and provides support for some citizens, suggesting that the former NAC employee, Mihail Gofman, could be part of it.

On the official page of the company Frontiers Solutions there is no information on a potential investigation of the bank fraud of Moldova.

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