At the exit of Vatra town, at a distance of about 12 km from Chisinau, next to a phyto-sanitary warehouse, the grave of three Romanian soldiers is situated. They were shot by the Bolsheviks in January 1918, shortly before the Bessarabian union with Romania was voted. The grave and the granite monument, which have been kept for 100 years, are located in the enclosed territory of a company, where a plant protection deposit was set up. The grave became "private property" with the help of AlexeiGreceanii, the husband of the SPRM president, ZinaidaGreceanii, while she was at the head of the government.


The tomb was discovered a few years ago. Starting this year, the rest of the three Romanian soldiers began to be visited by the followers of the unionist movement. The monument was restored, and the tomb is neat.


The too frequent visits of the Unionists have begun to disturb the landowners.

The archives show that the three martyrs were part of General Brosteanu's infantry regiment. The soldiers came from Iasi at the request of the Country Counsel to defend the treasure of the Russian soldiers who were withdrawing.
The old Ghidighici station, a construction from the second half of the 19th century is also in the immediate vicinity. Some historians claim that in 1885 the poet MihaiEminescu would have descended from the train to drink a coffeeat this station.


During the Soviet period, there was a warehouse of the Winery Factory in Cojusna. From here, the wines were loaded into wagons and transported to Russia.
Several voices claim that the land and buildings belong to ZinaidaGreceanii's family.

Floarea Vieiwith grave on the property

The land on which the tombstone and monument of the Romanian soldiers are located is owned by FloareaVieilimited liability company.

The company was founded in 1994 by the closed-end joint-ventureGarant-Grup, which was opened in November 1992. Both companies have Feodor Preguza as the administrator. The legal address of FloareaVieiLLC is located on Mateevici Street in Straseni, and the office is located on MitropolitVarlaam Street in the center of the capital.
According to the cadastral data, on the territory of Vatra, theFloareaVieiLLC owns the land with the area of 0.5342 ha, an administrative block with the area of 92 square meters and three constructions, in which warehouseshave been arranged. The enterprise came into possession of the buildings on May 15, 2009, and the land was procured only in April 2015 from the local public administration of Vatra.
Over the years, the buildings have been pledged repeatedly to Moldova Agroindbank commercial bank, where loans totaling 1.6 million dollars and 1,124 million lei were taken.

Greceanii's trace

These buildings were sold by the Cojuşna Wine Factory while Alexei Greceanii, the husband of ZinaidaGreceanii, was also on the board of directors. Namely when his wife was in charge of the government, Alexei Greceanii implemented a scheme by which the factory was embezzled.
In 2008, the Cojusna Wine Factory contracted a loan of more than 1.6 million euros and 500 thousand dollars. The credit was not returned, and in 2010 the factory went bankrupt.

proces verbal.png

Shortly after, Alexei Greceanii founded an offshore company, and it registered the foreign-owned Alsvit-Vin LLC company in Moldova.

trust deed.png

Greceanii's company signed in March 2011 a sale contract for the Cojusna Wine Factory, which it pledged again to BEM for 40 million lei.
The credit was not reimbursed, and Roseau Alliance LLP, an off-shore company, was launched in the summer of 2013. The company's management signed on August 19, 2013, with the Savings Bank, in the person of IlanŞor, the contract for the assignment of receivables Nr. 2 for the debt of 58.3 million lei of the factory fromCojusna.
Roseau Alliance LLP appears in the Kroll 1 report, which reveals that it benefitted from bad loans from the Savings Bank in the amount of 1 billion lei. The transaction would have been done to increase the bank's liquidity and, as a result, to increase Savings Bank ability to provide more loans.


In September 2015, Roseau Alliance LLP announced its liquidation.
The loan was not returned to the bank, and the value of the pledge that remained with Savings Bank, after the majority was redeemed, is about 5 million lei.
At the moment, the former giant is in disarray. At the end of 2016, the factory in Cojusnawas put up for sale with 56.7 million lei, money representing the value of bottles of wine collection, construction, related land and machinery.
So far, no investor has been interested to give money to the factory, which has not been in operation for many years.
As with the Vatra platform, the people of Cojusna are convinced that the Wine Factory belongs to ZinaidaGreceanii. The Cojuşnans showed us a vineyard, which also belongs to the Greceanii family.

According to cadastral data, the vineyard covers almost 13 hectares.
At the end of 2008, it was left pledge to the Savings Bank for a loan of 5 million lei, and in March 2011, the vineyard was procured by C.S. Alsvit-Vin LLC. This credit,was also not reimbursed, just like the others.

Our sources claim that the FloareaViei Enterprise would have contracted the bank loans to pay Alexei Greceanii.

Owners fromGhidighici demand the resettlement of the tomb

ZinaidaGreceanii did not answer the phone. Likewise, Feodor Preguza did not want to speak. Tatiana Fedosenco responded to us as a sales manager of FloareaViei. The company's representative said that when the land and buildings were procured, he would not have known there was a grave there. Fedosenco said that visits to the monument disrupt the economic activity of the enterprise, and that two years ago, he made a request to the Ministry of Culture to move the tomb and the monument.
"If you want to visit it, submit a request three days before, specifying the members of the delegation," added the FloareaViei representative.
Asked if the Greceanii family had anything to do with the Ghidighici estate, Tatiana Fedosenco said she has no attribution to that.
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