Maria Olaru, a resident of Chisinau, risks ending up behind the bars after she had denounced a police officer for ill-treatment. The woman owns a car wash, subsequently,  two cases for hooliganism were initiated against her.  

Maria Olaru says that it all started in the summer of 2015, when she requested the intervention of police to defend her from two aggressive men. They allegedly assaulted her, being dissatisfied with the way their car was cleaned. Olaru called the police, but instead of defending her, the police officers supported the troublesome customers, one of the officers even beat her.  

Maria Olaru filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of Ciocana District, but they initiated a criminal investigation for hooliganism against her. "An acquaintance of mine from the police department warned me that they would initiate a criminal case against me, if I don’t withdraw the complaint. Then prosecutors and police officers of Ciocana District blackmailed me, insisting on my withdrawal of the request, threatening me with jail. I refused and I said I would go through it, "the woman told us.  

Later, the district police officer forcibly brought Maria Olaru to the Police Inspectorate of Ciocana District. She was threatened to be thrown into the basement and imprisoned for many years. Being under pressure for several hours, Maria Olaru had a fit of hysteria, and the police investigator initiated another criminal case for hooliganism.

Moreover, the woman was abandoned by her lawyer in the investigator's office, while the other lawyer, provided by the state, did not fulfill his mission of the defendant. 

The lawyer Vitalie Taulean claims it is an unprecedented case, when defenders, instead of protecting the client's rights, go hand in hand with prosecutors, who violate the basic rights of the citizen. "My client was provoked and under pressure, she had a nervous breakdown. The police investigator, as well as the lawyers, threatened her and subjected her to discriminatory treatment instead of calling an ambulance. Maria Olaru was filmed without being announced and the body search had been effected in the presence of men. Moreover, the prosecutor initiated a criminal case, and after a few hours, he signed the indictment. It is unbelievable," the defender said. 

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