The mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, who is under house arrest for influence peddling in the paid parking lot case, would have bought his apartment where he is currently in custody, from a relative of the family of Igor Gamreţki, the head of the City Transport Department, investigated in the same case.

According to a ZDG investigation, the apartment of about 72 square meters, located on the 9th floor of a block in the Ciocana sector, was bought shortly after signing the contract for pay parking with EME Parkleitsystem.

The building was included into the 2015 estate's declaration of wealth, with a price of 500,000 lei, the real price being twice as much.

According to the source, Dorin Chirtoaca bought the apartment from Mihail Ciolac, the relative of Igor Gamreţki. Previously, the apartment even belonged to the transport chief and his wife. They registered the building on the name of the relative, in May of 2013, when Gamretsky, a former college student with Dorin Chirtoaca, was appointed by the mayor the interim of the Public Transport Department.

However, in the wealth statement, Chirtoaca indicated that he bought the apartment after selling a three-room flat in the Telecentru sector of the capital.

Presently, Dorin Chirtoaca is under house arrest, being investigated in the paid parking case, after being detained on the evening of May 25 for influence peddling. The mayor was detained about a month after Igor Gamreţki and Nistor Grozavu were detained in the same case. The two would have provided relevant information to the NAC, in order to detain the mayor. 

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