Over 100 military vehicles and combat units of the US Army and nearly 200 US troops arrived today in Moldova. They will participate in the first military exercise "Dragon Pioneer 2016” with about 165 Moldovan soldiers. The militaries entered in our country through the checkpoint Sculeni.

A group of socialists tried to stop the passage of foreign troops: "The deputies from the Socialists Party with several activists blocked the road at the checkpoint Sculeni and check the documents of NATO’s soldiers and equipment. We will come back with details," - wrote SPRM leader Igor Dodon on his Facebook page.

The military exercise will take place from today until May 20 near the Negresti village, Straseni and Balti districts.

The purpose of the training of is increasing the cooperation between the two armies, research and fortification works, provision logistics under field conditions and medical assistance.

In the military exercise "Dragon Pioneer 2016” will be used 58 units of the US Army, and 40 units of National Army of the Republic of Moldova.

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