The president of the Global Organization of the Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), John Glass Williams , announced that he looks forward to opening a filial agency of the organization in Moldova. He declared this on April, 11 at the meeting with the speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu.

Candu ensured the president of GOPAC that combating corruption is a priority in the Moldovan Parliament, where will be adopted in a short time a Plan of Actions for combating and preventing corruption. Crime Moldova recently wrote about it.

According to Williams the object of the filial agency is assistance and development of the capacity of the deputies to fight with corruption.

Besides the Plan of Actions and the Code of Ethics of Deputies Candu mentioned the creation of a Anticorruption Group between the Legislative and Civil Society, that will make all the actions transparent.

Anyway the Civil Society criticized the Government for the inefficient combating corruption and the absent of the results of the National Anticorruption Strategy. We remember, that a part of the last Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy (for 2016) was introduced in the Plan of Actions, that is to be adopted. According to authorities the reasons because of what there are no results from the fight with corruption are: the political non-permanence, the absence of funding, bad planning, the difficulty of the Anticorruption Strategy and institutional changes.

According to in the last report of Corruption Perceptions Index, Transparency International set that there is a constant association between corruption and state institutions in Moldova: “The change of three Governments, the mistakes in the National Anticorruption Strategy and the Strategy Reform of the Juridical Area, the association of the Republic of Moldova with EU– all these led to the mistrust of the people in the efficiency of the Government”.

GOPAC is an international network of parliamentarians in 50 counties all over the world. The object of the organization is combating corruption.  

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