On a social network, the head of the Socialist Party of Moldova from the Chisinau Municipal Council, Ion Ceban said that the meeting for dismissal of the Mayor of Chisinau is scheduled for September 15.

Then will be voted the subject of the referendum of Dorin Chirtoaca dismissal.

"We are going to finalize the discussions on the subject with colleagues from other factions. I heard that many are asked to leave on the LP account (and friends of LP) to rest for a month, in exotic countries, along with families and friends, plus other  land and financial bonuses, only to not be present at this meeting. Others are promised solving of some questions. Chirtoaca boast that he can solve many, and that MCC is merely a formality since the entry into force of its law on the municipality" writes the socialist.

Ion Ceban ends with: "He will go anyway. He will leave with cases. For all the insults to the city and the town's people. "

We note that the case on the registration of the initiative to organize the referendum to dismiss the mayor Dorin Chirtoaca reached the Balti Court of Appeal after the Chisinau Court of Appeal decided that this matter is not within its competence.

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