New information about the work of Romanian spies in Moldova comes to light. A document reveals the network of Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) connections in Romania.

Doina Moinescu, FIS colonel in reserve, gave a witness statement in which she spoke as head of the service and explained the activities of the spies in ex-Soviet countries, according to She also mentioned  about the status of Dan Chiriac, an important state secretary, who was a spy in the US. The statement appeared in a case, examined by the Court of Appeal.

Doina Moinescu’s witness statement is presented below:

"As long as he worked in our unit, the complainant was in my subordination, I was directly coordinating his work. Since 2004, he worked outside the unit, he got in touch with me to receive the tasks, and submitted the reports and findings on magnetic media, obtaining a prior approval of the management for this method to work. Only I processed the information received from the complainant, and I was sending the materials further.

The complainant worked outside the unit on a timetable that was not established by the service and had the obligation to protect his work, it assumed abstaining from work on the Internet and have no one else to access computer using the complainant’s password. I point out that the obligation to avoid working with the Internet, mentioned above, means he should not be connected to the Internet when processing the information. Take into account that he had been given a laptop for work. Working out of service, the complainant had access to certain programs, like drafting the documents, while other options were locked. In connection with the second or third material, published in Romania Libera (Free Romania) in spring 2005, regarding the presence of foreign companies in Romania, I declare that it contained information that the complainant did not and could not have access to. At that time, the issue of a leak was raised and the entire service was subject to an internal investigation. While being in custody of the Protection Department, the complainant  asked to be summoned, I submitted his request, but Dan Chiriac - Secretary of State told me he cannot receive him. The complainant asked an audience to announce about the way his disciplinary investigation was held and other information, of which I am not aware. I know, it is mandatory to receive the report of those who seek audience, I personally am not aware of previous refusals of this type," she said, cited by

The entire investigation of FIS activities in Moldova can be read here.

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