Although some politicians predicted the position of mayor of Chisinau to the former president of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase, he has been suddenly elected member of the Venice Commission, which will soon examine the change in the electoral system of Moldova.

The information has not been confirmed by any public authority, but the name of Alexandru Tanase appears on the Commission's website, along with that of Deputy Minister of Justice, Nicolae Esanu, who, according to his resume, has been a Member of the Commission since 2005. Now he is a substitute member.

We remind you that two months ago, Alexandru Tanase's credentials as president of the Constitutional Court expired.

Please note that today, June 16, the Venice Commission has to provide an opinion on the change of the voting system of Moldova.

Given his new status, Alexandru Tanase announced that the commission's meeting began, "Two very important opinions on the future of democracy in the Republic of Moldova are to be adopted today."


The Venice Commission is made up of "independent experts with an eminent experience in democratic institutions, or with an outstanding contribution to strengthening law or political sciences." Its members are academics in the field of constitutional or international law, judges of the supreme or constitutional courts, or members of the parliaments, elected for four years by the participating states.

All member states of the Council of Europe are members of the Venice Commission; Republic of Moldova became its member in 1996.

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