The Minister of Defense Anatol Şalaru sued the head of the right –wing party from Moldova, Ana Guțu and claims non-material damage compensation of 250 thousand lei. The Central Court from Chisinau will investigate his request today.

Şalaru claims non-material damage compensation of 250 thousand lei, following the publishing of a pamphlet on a social network by a former presidential candidate, on the 21st of July, 2016. He claims that Ana Guțu had damaged his honor, dignity and business reputation when she published "Pokemon Şalaru Decalogue".

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The Minister of Defense said earlier that this information is "false and defamatory" and asked Ana Gutu deny the information on the same social network, and apologize publicly.

The politician believes that this case is absolutely unfounded.

The current Minister of Defense and the former Minister of Transport and Infrastructure during September 2009 and May 2013, Anatol Şalaru, was a party colleague with Ana Guțu, when they were members of the Liberal Party. 

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