The former Defense Minister, Anatol Şalaru, announced on Monday, January 9th, that he left the Liberal Party (LP), after he resigned as deputy chairman of the party on December 17th, 2016.

Şalaru said that the decision was extremely difficult, but absolutely necessary. "There are many reasons for this decision and they are known for both, for LP members and for yourself. Transforming the LP in a Ltd managed by Mihai Ghimpu’s whim, trivializing  and compromising national ideals, playing a double game in the presidential election, refusing to accept reform and opening the party to new people, only for the sake of keeping the presidential seat, are some of the main reasons for my decision, "wrote Anatol Şalaru on his Facebook page.

He also noted that "The struggle for national ideal of all Romanians must continue! We should make the union happen, not debate it. So, let’s do it. "

Please note that on December 12th, 2016, the Liberal Party withdrew the political support for Anatol Şalaru after he asked the election of a new leadership, based on party's poor results in the presidential election. Subsequently, the LP leader, Mihai Ghimpu asked the Prime Minister to dismiss Şalaru from the poition of Defense Minister.

On December 17th, 2016, Anatol Şalaru submitted his resignation letter from the position of first deputy chairman of LP, Politburo member and member of the Republican Council. Later, at the end of last year, the President Igor Dodon signed the decree on Anatol Şalaru’s dismissal from the position of Defence Minister.

The LP leader ,Mihai Ghimpu, said earlier that in the event of Şalaru’s resignation, the current Environment Minister, Valeriu Munteanu will take his place.

However, Anatol Şalaru hinted, yet last week that he will establish a new pro-European and pro-NATO party, which will also support the unionist ideals. 

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