Moldovan courts will be funded by the state at least 1 percent each year. The proposal belongs to the Ministry of Justice, which sets the minimum threshold, but not the maximum.

According to, during the last three years Moldovan courts were funded with a bit more than 1 percent of the public budget set every year. Whereas the volume of funding directly depends on several economic factors, the authors of the document intend to have a balance between state opportunities and the proper operation of courts. Thus, the Claw on the judicial organization contains an exact provision which states that the budget approved by the Parliament will constitute minimum 1 percent of the public budget.

In addition, when setting the budget, the Superior Council of Magistracy will be consulted mandatory.

The minimum funding guarantee is a compromise, after authorities received numerous recommendations to ensure an amount of funding between 1 and 2 percent minimum, including from USAID and the Council of Europe.

We note that for this year Moldovan courts would receive 432 million lei, i.e. 1.21 percent of the state budget. This percentage remained the same during the last three years. The document is submitted to public debates.

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