The former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, received the Moldovan citizenship in early June, and since then there have been several scenarios related to his plans. 

It was speculated that Basescu intends to seek a political office in Moldova. Moreover, the scenarios have reached the level where Basescu would be the candidate for President of Moldova.

Although politically such a decision has no chance to be achieved, the media never ceased to talk about the plans of the former President. 

When being present at Digi 24 TV studio on Sunday, Traian Basescu made light on this case and explained why he requested the Moldovan citizenship.

 „The Moldovan citizenship was more a symbolic desire. I have no personal interest in Chisinau policy", said the former President of Romania.

All scenarios that showed Basescu involved in the Moldovan policy end with this statement. The former President of Romania remains a fan of Dâmboviţa politics in Bucharest and hopes that the party he leads at this time, People's Movement (MPP), to be part of the upcoming parliamentary majority that will be formed after the elections this fall. 

Besides, last week UNPR merged with PMP and Traian Basescu wants the new party to gain 15% in the parliamentary elections. 

On the other hand, his problems with the law make him to limit his dreams, and however much he would like to be involved in Moldovan politics, it is impossible to do it now, being very hard for him to engage even in Romanian politics which he dominated for more than ten years. 

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