Former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, has shattered a dream to tie the two nations near Prut. Basescu said that Moldova has no chances to join the EU, since this would produce a war in the region, after several years ago he also said that the union between the two countries will be achieved only when RM will join the EU.

"Moldova will never be an EU member not in the next 20 or 30 years. The attempt to extend the agreement of the EU to Ukraine and Moldova - I was there at the signing of the Association Agreement, I am one of the signatories - had immediate reactions from Russia: the annexation of Crimea and occupation of eastern Ukraine", said former president Traian Basescu at the summer school of the youth organization PMP, says

Also, the former president spoke about Russia's strategy in the region:

"Do not think that what (Evgheni-n.r.) Shevchuk did the last days when he declared Transnistria part of the Russian Federation is not all a reaction to the Association Agreement. So Moscow has made it clear << Stop! >> Because if not stopped, the NATO and EU enlargement creates a risk of war in the region", said Traian Basescu.

Analyzing the situation in the region, we can say that no one is willing to support Moldova in front of the Russian threats. If we remember the statement of US Ambassador in Chisinau, we deduce that even the US does not want to get involved in the affairs of Moscow in the region and people's desire may be secondary.

Because nobody asked why Americans oppose the union between Romania and Moldova, the answer is more than simple. Such a step would transform Romania into a buffer state, a role now played by Moldova and Ukraine. If it comes to this situation, American missile shield is endangered and Romania reaches a battle space. United States did not intend to disturb the tranquility of a country in which it invested billions of dollars for a dream of unionists. Moreover, Americans are preparing a base of NATO right on Romanian territory so as to ensure that the borders of the EU / NATO are not threatened by the Russians. Lastly, no NATO state can act as a buffer state. The union between the two countries involves Romania giving up NATO and the EU. According to the Alliance Treaty, no Member State can cleave other states, regardless of the reason. Obviously, the Bucharest authorities are unwilling to do it.

We must also mention that Basescu out very clearly the danger today - enlargement of the EU and NATO. Russia will never tolerate being suffocated and surrounded, just because it will some peoples. At stake are much larger interest and Moscow authorities already disfavor things that happen in Bucharest. On the other hand, Ukraine and Moldova are not prepared to step into the European Union or NATO. I hope you will choose these countries? We currently have a divided Ukraine, Moldova and one who tries not suffocated by corruption, politics and organized crime, which, in the end, are all the same. Political movements and repeated mistakes turn out to nowhere.

A few days ago, the President of Transnistria, Shevchuk has taken the first steps to unite with Russia. Notice the lack of response from Romanian President Johannis because it could set a dangerous precedent for Moldova. Not even today do we know  if there are more sympathizers of pro-EU or Russia in Moldova. It may seem surprising, but Russia does not want to annex other satellite states, simply because it wants to have buffer states.

The two superpowers - the US and Russia - set their foreign policy on the basis of buffer states, so as to maintain peace, without challenging each other. Only the US presidential election may produce a surprise. Donald Trump seems to be an unbalanced candidate who does not understand foreign policy nor that of Eastern Europe, and hence challenging Moscow is only a step. Trump should know that Russia is not Mexico that he mocks in his statements. And if we have the United States led by Donald Trump implicitly, Vladimir Putin will become the most powerful man in the world. Although it has many shortcomings, Putin understands foreign policy, as we have seen in Ukraine. It is hard to believe that an arrogant ignorant will be able to cope with the Russian leader. Neither Hillary Clinton does turn out to be more competent, even if she held the position of secretary of state, during Obama's term. Hillary was the one who turned US foreign policy towards the fight against terrorism, given that Russia was strengthened and became increasingly threatening. It is more than obvious that Obama and Hillary lost control over eastern Europe.

Lastly, the presidential elections in Moldova will be decisive. Only in 2017 we will be able to have an idea what will turn to Eastern Europe, unless until then there are other unpleasant surprises.

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