On April 8th the Parliament passed a bill on extending of power authorization of capital’s Mayor. The new bill gives him an unbounded power in ruling municipality: the mayor has a right to appoint substitutes, accept the Rules and perform the management according to it. As an addition he gets enhanced possibilities in making decisions on land distribution, etc.

The draftsmen are, as it could be expected, members of Liberal Party of Moldova (LP). The present Mayor of the city, Dorin Chirtoaca, is a member of this party.

Киртоакэ dorisha.jpgCrime Moldova had several chances to highlight the conflict of interests of Dorin Chirtoaca. At the moment the town-hall is number one in the listed of corrupted governmental enterprises. The bill accepted on 8th of April is extending chances of abusing power of authority and can lead to increase in expenditures.

Members of Municipal Council have already begun to leave the administrative structure. The last Friday Larisa Katrinich, a municipal councilor of Socialist Party gave up her authority. She mentioned this on her social network page: “I left the Council because I feel to be more useful in the hospital. It was a challenge for me to tolerate incompetence of city Mayor and the abuse of every stated norm that is known in a civilized world. The most sorrowful part is that the Mayor’s Office and Municipal Council do not work together to solve problem faced by citizens and to provide a long-term development of the town.”

But the counterparts of Chirtoaca from the LP claim that the law-in-draft has nothing with the conflict of interest:

Shtefan Vlas (LP): “The necessity of the project is proved by the fact that in the process of management of the Mun.Chishinau appear many disagreements that lead to cases in courts, fraud and prejudice the immobility”.

Roman Botsan (LP): “The parliamentary majority has a political will to adopt this law”.

Mihai Ghimpu (the chairman of LP, the uncle of Dorin Chirtoaca): The liberals don’t want to adopt the law in favor of my nephew. It’s not a political chantage. The socialists want to run the capital as they want, but it won’t happen. We aren’t living in the Moldavian SSR”.

Ghimpu.jpgThe chairman of LP criticized the suggestion of the socialists to increase the role of the municipal council (that, we remember, often did not allowed Chirtoaca to implement some corrupt schemes): “The council should exist but all the decisions should be performed by the Mayor. People elected him and he is to solve their problems. As to his team, he should choose it by himself”.

The Head of the Profile Commission, the CPRM deputy Elena Bondarenco said that she is personally against the law and didn’t present a conclusion of the Commission.

The law-in-draft was adopted in the first reading and sustained by some deputies, but to the second reading it appeared with changes made by the LP. The oppositionist parties criticized it:

Vlad Batrinchea (Communist Party of Republic of Moldova): “The law leads to the limit of the empowerment of the Municipal Council and make the Mayor of the capital a king”.

Vasile Bolea (Socialist Party of Moldova): “The liberals refuse to sign another laws it we don’t sign their one”.

It’s interesting that in 2015 there appeared a law about changes in the Municipal Council in Chishinau, performed by the European People’s Party of Moldova. The law, anyway, was ignored, while the law of LP was included in the agenda.

Eugen Carpov (EPPM): “The initiative of liberals, performed in a hurry and with many violations is developing too fast. The project hasn’t the experts and the commission conclusion. It scares when the deputies vote for one law in order to gain the vote for another”.

The deputies consider that the limit of the empowerment of the municipal council contradicts to the main law. There is a clear conflict of interest and a political chantage. That is why, as the deputy of the SPRM Vladimir Tsurcan said, it will be appealed in the Constitutional Court.

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