The  National Integrity Commission will check of the head of the PR department of the Chisinau City Hall Vadim Brynzanyuk after many publications about his property, appeared in media.

On the next meeting, the Commission will make a decision about verification of Brynzanyuk’s property declarations.

April 20 is the deadline for filing property, income and personal interests declarations for those, who are working in public institutions and send them to the National Integrity Commission.

The National Integrity Commission has the declaration of income, property and personal interests  of Vadim Brynzanyuk. The inspectors will compare his income with his property and check whether the information that appeared in media corresponds to the reality. Thus Vadim Brynzanyuk’s correctness and integrity will be demonstrated– was mentioned in the press release of the National Integrity Commission published today.

According to the National Integrity Commission, almost every fourth case on the Commission’s agenda reaches there because of publications in the media.

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