National Institute of Justice (NIJ) announced a new way of admission of prospective judges and prosecutors. Beginning with this year, NIJ for the first time will use an electronic module to test the candidates who want to study for these positions.

The implemented electronic program will simplify the examination process, will automatically grade the students and provide the results, once the candidate submitted the last response of the test. According to the institution, the new program ensures transparency, eliminates the human factor and suspicions of examination frauds, increasing confidence in the correct selection of students for positions of judges and prosecutors.

The electronic testing module includes 1600 multiple-choice tests, developed by the Working Group of NIJ. The tests and the correct answers had been published in advance on the NIJ website.

Testing will take 3 hours and when the time expires, the electronic program will not accept responses and the user will receive a detailed report on the result of testing, including the grade obtained.

"This concept will bring a radical change in the procedure of admission to studies for the position of prosecutor and judge. Thus, we first of all, want our institution to admit the best law graduates in the country and we will prepare them professionally to assume the duties of judge and prosecutor. Secondly, through this program, we seek greater transparency of the admissions process to avoid any speculation about the admission to the National Institute of Justice, " Diana Scobioala, Executive Director of the institution said at the press conference, organized on the occasion of the  electronic program launch.

This year, the Admission Commission of the NIJ accepted 231 dossiers, including 167 for the position of prosecutor, and 64 for that of judge.

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