Yesterday, the Central Election Commission (CEC) informed the Constitutional Court (CC) that it confirmed the results of the presidential elections and validated the mandate of the President of Moldova. The minutes on the results tabulation were transmitted to the CC together with the report.

According to the Election Code, within 10 days of receipt of documents, the CC will have to confirm or refute the legality of the presidential elections. Before the validation of the mandate, Igor Dodon, who polled most votes in the second round of the elections, will have to submit to the Constitutional Court a confirmation that he is not member of any political party and does not hold any other public or private position.

If the CC validates the election results, Dodon will take the oath, at the latest, 45 days after the election.


Recall that the presidential elections were held in two rounds on October 30 and November 13. According to the CEC report, submitted to the CC, in the second round, the candidate of the SPRM - Igor Dodon won the biggest number of votes - 834 081. Igor Dodon’s rival - Maia Sandu obtained 766 593 votes.

The report also states that during the election period, 52 complaints were filed to the CEC, 34 in the first round and 9 in the second, and another 9 on the first day after the second round.

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