The parliamentary group proposed a bill on changing the election code of Republic of Moldova.

According to the bill, the requirements for presidential candidates will be enhanced. Members of parliament suggested that candidates should gather at least 15 thousand signatures of support in at least 15 administrative divisions including Balti, Chisinau and Gagauzia. This has to be done 30 days before elections, starting on the first day of race which will be changed as well. Starting on 30th of July its length will be cut by third, resulting in 60 instead of 90 days.

It seems that the most thrilling change for some of presidential candidates will be the suggestion to accept for race only those candidates who are at least 40 years old and lived in the Republic of Moldova during the last 10 years instead of previously accepted cumulative 10 years.

This change will exclude from the race those candidates who spent some time working abroad, even if they were representatives of Moldova at that time. As an example – Maia Sandu, who was working for the World Bank in USA.

The final draft of the bill shall be delivered by parliamentary group by the middle of April. By then the motivation of changes will be clear as well as requirements for those who will be accepted for presidential race.

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