Crime Moldova continues the series of articles about the ex-Prime Minister Vlad Filat’s defense witnesses. There are the heads of the state institutions, the directors of the enterprises and the US adviser:

Victor Cojocaru – the former director of the Franzeluta firm


Victor Cojocaru was also mentioned by Ilan Shor. Shor said the former director of the Franzeluta transferred the enterprise’s money to the Unibak on the Vlad Filat request. Cojocaru has not commented on the accusations.

Victor Cojocaru became the director of the Franzeluta in 2011 and held this position until March, 2016. He is the LDPM member since 2008. Cojocaru was appointed by the Party, and the media mentioned that he is a relative of the chief of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat’s guard.

Molly Mckew – the former Filat's US adviser


Molly Mckew was involved in the scandal presented by Renato Usatii. He accused Filat that Mckew’s services were paid with the money stolen from the Banca de Economii. Usatii said earlier that "the Banca de Economii has spent taxpayers' money to pay the image advisers invited from the abroad".

Molly McKew provided consulting and communication services to Filat in May, 2015. According to McKew, the campaign initiated by Usatii against her is a political game against her client and his allies.

However, the adviser left Moldova shortly after the scandal. McKew declared that she left the country after being "warned by some people from the Prosecutor’s Office that suggested her to leave the country, otherwise she could have problems".

Susanu Angela – the deputy director of the Public Property Agency


Susanu was involved in a dubious privatization process, targeted by the Government.

According to investigation made previously by the Ziarul Adevarul, when she was the director of the Public Property Agency, there were sold ten acres of land in the capital’s center and garages located on the surface of that land at a price ten times lower than the market one.

The transaction took place in 2009 without any tender. State garages were sold at the price of 550 000 lei, and later ten acres of land were sold of 170 000 lei. Experts claim, that the market price of this land may reach 0.5 million euro.

The case came to the attention of the Prosecutor’s General Office in late 2009, when there was an attempt to cancel the privatization contract. But several courts made their decisions in favor of the new owner.

Nicolae Platon – the former head of the State Tax Inspectorate from the LDPM


Since 2002, Platon served as the president of the National Association of Travel Agencies of Moldova. In December 2009, by the order of the Ministry of Finance, Platon became the head of the State Tax Inspectorate. In 2012 he was fired by the former premier Vlad Filat. After that Platon was appointed the head of the NATA again by the initiative of the LDPM. Since 2012 until now, Platon is one of the leaders of the LDPM. He is the leader of the regional organization of Center District of Chisinau.

Tudor Balitchi – the former head of the Customs Service from the LDPM


Tudor Balitchi was the head of the Customs Service until January 2016. He wasn’t mentioned in the fraudulent scheme scandals, but the media still had written about him.

According to the Ziarul de Garda, when he was the head of the Customs Service, Balitchi and his wife were directors of several companies, although the Law on Customs Service forbids any kind of the business activity.

The NIC has previously claimed that they will investigate his 2014 wealth declaration because there could be done some violations. That didn’t happen, and Balitchi resigned earlier this year.

Sergiu Sainciuc – the former deputy Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection from the DPM


In 2012, Sergiu Sainciuc, being the deputy Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection was investigated by the NIC because of the cumulative position of member of the Board of Directors at two institutions.

Sainciuc violated the legal regime of incompatibility. He was the member of the Board of Directors in "Sanfarm prime" JSC and president of the Board of Directors of the SE "Centre for Training and Labor Relations".

Sainciuc was deputy minister in several ministries for 16 years. Currently Sergiu Sainciuc is the deputy president of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova on social issues.

Sainciuc worked in several governments. He was a member of the Ion Sturza’s, Braghis’, Vasile Tarlev’s, Zinaida Greceanii’s, Vlad Filat’s, Iurie Leanca’s and Chiril Gaburici’s governments.

Dorin Dragutanu – the former head of the National Bank of Moldova


The head of the NBM Dragutanu was accused of the national currency depreciation, but he also was initiator of the changings in the borders of shareholders in several Moldovan banks. Moreover, according to political opposition, Dragutanu was directly involved in the theft of billion euro.

Dragutanu resigned on his own on September 21, 2015, but remained the acting head of the NBM.

Octavian Grama – the former deputy Minister of Health from the LDPM

The MoldovacurataMD published in July, 2013, an article about a possible conflict of interest at the Ministry of Health when Octavian Grama was the deputy Minister of Health. There was mentioned the fact that "at the list of subsidized drugs approved on April 22, 2013" were 12 drugs produced by the German company Worwag Pharma GmbH&Co.KG. According to the deputy Minister Octavian Grama’s CV, he was the director of that’s company representative office in Moldova (2005-2009). Grama left it when he was appointed the deputy Minister of Health. Now the head of the Moldovan office of the company is his cousin Ana Tenti.

This investigation hasn’t being noticed by the NIC. Currently Grama is the deputy in the Moldovan Parliament from the LDPM.

Pistrinciuc Vadim – the deputy from the LDPM


Pistrinciuc is the deputy President of the LDPM since 2012. Previously he was the advisor on public administration reform, while the Prime Minister was Vlad Filat.

In 2009-2011 period Vadim Pistrinciuc was the deputy Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family. He was the head of the electoral stuff of Victor Bodiu in 2011 local election campaign.

Chiril Lucinschi – the deputy from the LDPM


The National Integrity Commission paid attention on Lucinschi’s activity in 2013. The NIC members had intentions to initiate the check of Chiril Lucinschi because of the suspicion that he declared only a part of all the income and property. However, this has not happened.

According to the DeschideMD, Vlad Filat's lawyer want all those mentioned above persons to testify in the court, because some of them took part or was indirectly related with the commission that analyzed the emission of the shares from the Banca de Economii. As about the presence of the deputies from the LDPM, there is no clear defense motivation of inviting Chiril Lucinschi and Vadim Pistriniuc. It’s possible that the lawyer expect that their testifies will clarify the fact of the certain joint meetings with Shor, but also will clarify the fact of receiving by Filat a Porsche car from Shor. The former Prime Minister’s lawyer Igor Popa expects that witnesses will confirm that the car was received as a gift, but not as a bribe.

As the presence of the former ministers of Internal Affairs from the LDPM in the Filat’s Government, the media writes that they are called to refute the allegations that the Ministry of Internal Affair had not pressured Ilan Shor during their leadership.

So far, no one of the mentioned personalities commented on the article.


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