Chiril Lucinschi, son of the former President of Moldova, announced today, February 22, 2017, that he is dropping his deputy mandate and leaves the LDP.

The MP said that he is initiating a project on media related to the TV station TV7. Lucinschi also said he decided to give the 75% stake he holds in the TV station, owned by his children, to an Association of Journalists, who will take over the management of the station.

His withdrawal from the policy would be based on the fact that the new political activity would be incompatible with his status as politician.

The Association that will take the TV7 stakes, is currently in the process of registration.

Chiril Lucinschi wished success to the MPs and the rest of his colleagues from LDP, in the subsequent legislative work.

Chiril Lucinschi became a deputy in the Parliament in 2010, as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

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