Dorin Chirtoaca, the mayor of Chisinau, suspended from office during the criminal proceedings filed against him, announced his resignation. The mayor says he resigns as a sign of protest against the abuses within the City Hall. A few days earlier, Renato Usatii, Mayor of Balti, made the same move.

In a press conference, held on February 16, Chirtoaca said his resignation was not related to the "fake accusations" brought against him, but to the "farce" within the City Hall.

"I see no other solution than to resign. If I stay, I’ll become an accomplice. I don’t see any other solution for Chisnau except early elections. Personally, I am responsible to the citizens because they voted for me, not to Pahotniuc, Dodon, Leanca or any of this gang. I quit the mayor's office as a sign of protest and abuse of the city, but I don’t acknowledge my guilt in the case, in no way, "Chirtoaca said.

According to the mayor, the citizens of Chisinau understood that it is a case of usurpation of power by the government and people want a mayor elected by them. 

"I cannot come back to power because they don’t allow me to do so. At the same time, I am not sure that new local elections will be held, most probably, they will be blocked. The DPM opposes to these elections and wants to keep their mayor, Silvia Radu, until 2019," Chirtoaca added.

The next local elections in Chisinau could take place on May 20th.

Chirtoaca was first elected mayor of Chisinau in 2007 and it is his third term. We remind you that Dorin Chirtoaca is investigated in two cases for influence peddling and overcoming his duties, being under house arrest.

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