The observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), confirmed that the second round of presidential elections was held according to the Electoral Code and the Constitution. The statements on this matter were made today, November 14th, during a press conference.

The General Secretary of the mission of observers from the CIS, Aleksei Sergeyev, said that "the second round of the presidential election was organized professionally, but there were some incidents during the electoral process."

Sergeyev said that “The second round of the presidential election was organized under the same conditions as the first one. We would like to nota the CEC took positive decisions, and one of the most important one is increasing the number of ballots. The additional ballots were distributed to the polling stations abroad and to the ones were the citizens from the left side of Nistru were supposed to vote.”

CIS observers also noted that "agitation and the campaign itself was more active, but also a tougher one.

The candidates have used their social networks a lot. The debates were not always constructive dialogue, often contained insinuations and the topics discussed at various stations were basically the same.”

The observers noted that, although there were some shortcomings, they can not decisively influence the election results.

The mission of observers from the CIS states had 243 observers in the 2023 polling stations from all over the country and abroad.

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