Yesterday evening, December 12th , 2016, the Political Bureau of the Liberal Party was sitting in, deciding to withdraw Anatol Şalaru’s political support.

According to the LP release, they discussed at the meeting the "non-statutory behavior" in the last three months of Mr. Anatol Şalaru (first deputy of the LP and Minister of Defense) in relation to the Liberal Party.

Şalaru was accused of attempted disintegration of the Liberal Party in the Parliament and also of offering money and favors to several mayors, deputies and chairmen of territorial organizations for this purpose.

The LP release also states that “Mr. Anatol Şalaru had the courage to admit his actions and he said that he just spoke with several colleagues about convening an extraordinary congress. When asked why he had not addressed the topic during the meetings of the political bureau, he avoided to answer.”

The party also accuses him of coordinating with several news portals from Moldova and Romania, and the appearance of several sponsored articles, denigrating the public figures of the Liberal Party, they also have evidence in this regard.

According to the release, the Defense Minister had in the last two months, a common PR strategy with Igor Dodon, whereby the latter was informed about the LP systematic agenda and actions, "strategy which involved causing of artificial scandals."

Thus, based on these arguments, which Şalaru later called pseudo-arguments, the LP decided to withdraw his political support: "The decision of the Political Bureau of the LP from this evening was not easy, it is based on the status of the party and an action to prevent a new "April 2013", as the party release ends.

In his turn, Anatol Şalaru said the decision to withdraw the support was based on pseudo-arguments, and that "The Liberal Party was transformed into a limited liability company run by the whims of Mr. President".

Şalaru wrote on his facebook page the following message:

"Dear friends,

The Political Bureau of the Liberal Party, at Mihai Ghimpu's request, decided to withdraw the political support for me, using pseudo-arguments (and even those invented). In reality, the reason for withdrawal of the political support is the fact that I asked a pertinent analysis of the election results and asked why the Liberal Party has not even reached 2%. I also requested the convening of the congress to be discussed the situation of the Party. A clear and transparent objective. It would have been normal for Mihai Ghimpu to submit his candidacy for the President and to accept the convened congress and the election of a new leadership, after such a result that sent us half the margin of error in surveys.

The current situation of the Party is disastrous. The Liberal Party was transformed into a limited liability company run by the whims of Mr. President.

The Liberal Party needs reconstruction, the Liberal Party needs new leaders, if not, we might get to the dustbin of history.

As a Minister of Defense, I did my best to bring Moldova closer to NATO and to the development partners and I believe that the results were noticeable:

- For the first time in history, Moldova was part of the final declaration of a NATO summit;

- Opening the NATO Liaison Office in Chisinau

- Starting to create the green corridor for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria,

- Starting the reform and the reformat of the National Army;

- Operational collaboration between the National Army and the armies of NATO.

These are just some of the things I have accomplished and I am determined to continue

It seems that these things have bothered”

The Minister also added that, paradoxically, together with Igor Dodon and Vladimir Voronin, Ghimpu is the third president who wants him to resign from the Defence Ministry.

However, Şalaru wrote that he does not intend to leave the party "that I founded and for which I fought."

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