The Constitutional Court (CC) rejected on Tuesday, January 10th, the complaint requesting to examine the constitutionality of the decree signed by the President Igor Dodon, on withdrawing the Moldovan citizenship from the ex-Romanian President Traian Basescu. That referral was filed by the MP Grigore Cobzac, who requested for the decree to be classified as unconstitutional.

The CC stated in a press release that, "the complaint had been filed by breaking the competence established by the Law on Citizenship, which provides that the decrees of the President regarding citizenship issues, may be appealed to the Supreme Court within six months from the moment of entering into force ". According to CC, the legality of withdrawing Basescu’s citizenship, can be exclusively decided in courts.

According to Article 6 para. (1) of the Constitutional Code, the CC exclusively settles issues related to its jurisdiction. If an issue arises during the examination, of competence of other organs, the Court will deliver the materials to those organs or communicate to the parties and interested bodies, giving the necessary explanations.

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