Even if fight against corruption is ongoing in Romania, this does not seem to deter criminal politicians, who want to return to power and have access to state money.

United Romania Party (URP), led by the former member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Bogdan Diaconu, is the main issue on the political arena of Romania. The party came in the media spotlight by its extremely right-wing messages that incite hatred, racism and xenophobia. Bogdan Diaconu wants to pose as a protector of the Romanian values ​​and symbols, but this attitude is dangerous.


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In just one week, URP recruited 11 lawmakers from other parties. The most famous name, so far, is that of the deputy Sebastian Ghita, a friend of the former Prime Minister Victor Ponta. DNA prosecutors have sent Ghita to trial on charges of buying influence, bribery, money laundering, extortion and use of information that is not meant for publicity. Specifically, DNA prosecutors suspect that the deputy had access to state secrets and used them to replenish his bank accounts.

sebastian ghita, jurnalul.ro.jpg

Sebastian Ghita, jurnalul.ro

Cristian Rizea, former candidate for mayoralty of Sector 5, is another parliamentary at odds with justice, who went from SDD to URP. Currently, DNA indicted him for influence peddling and money laundering. In a statement, the magistrates emphasized that the former SDP deputy admitted all the charges against him. The indictment shows that Rizea received 300,000 euro to exercise influence in RA APPS (The Autonomous Administration of State Protocol Patrimony).

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Cristian Rizea, evz.ro

SDP deputy Marius Manolache, Ponta's godson, also went to the URP. Manolache is a notorious figure on the political arena, if we recall that he employed a Bamboo entertainer in the position of a counselor, or his statement that lawmakers were not equal to the common people and deserve a special pension.

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Bogdan Diaconu and Marius Manolache, evz.ro

Other MPs who went over to the camp of the URP are: Senator Daniel Savu (former SDP) and members of the parliament Mihail Sturzu (SDP) Ion Eparu (SDP), Camelia Khraibani (SDP), Dorin Petrea (SDP - NUPR), Razvan Tanase (PP- NUPR- PMP), according to adevarul.ro. Mirel Palada, former spokesman of the government led by Ponta, became spokesman of URP. Mircea Geoana, president of Socialist Romanian Party is negotiating his transition to URP with Bogdan Diaconu.

Intentions to attack the DNA

This party promises to be one with radical messages that will try to draw the electorate that no longer believes in fight against corruption and supports certain political persons. Specifically, Bogdan Diaconu made several appeals to Victor Ponta, stating that he waits for him in the URP. If the former premier joins this party, then they will gain considerably in the polls. On the other hand, Liviu Dragnea cannot afford to lose Ponta before the parliamentary elections, as the former head of the Government is currently one of the politicians, who enjoys trust of the Romanian citizens.

Ponta will face a great wall, represented by Liviu Dragnea. If such lawmakers as Ghita, Rizea Savu, Sturzu, Eparu, Khraibani, Petrea were not included on the list for parliamentary elections of this year, this is not the case of Victor Ponta. The former prime minister is with no doubt one of the parliamentary engines of the Social Democratic Party. Moreover, Dragnea will not let the voters of SDP  go to the URP. So he has to interfere in the negotiations between Diaconu and Ponta.

However, Ponta and Ghita’s alliance is a clear signal that a coup against the judiciary system  in Romania is prepared. Since he was head of the Executive, Ponta wanted a set of laws to silence the judges and to prevent the arrest of the lawmakers. Ponta wanted to build a wall of immunity around lawmakers and Tariceanu, leader of ALDE, supported him. Ghita, in his turn, dreams of the time when he can silence the DNA. Sources in the judiciary system said that there is real evidence against Ghita and most likely, the deputy will be sentenced to a term next year. Only the civil society protests prevented the politicians to build this wall of immunity. However, this immunity would have helped the deputies, including Ponta, who is indicted for forgery of private documents and complicity to tax evasion and money laundering.

victor ponta, aktual24.ro.jpg

Victor Ponta, aktual24.ro

URU will create a dangerous precedent for Romania's European route. The Parliament risks being internationally isolated and no one will give credibility to a political scene, controlled by criminal characters.

Venal politicians pursue state money

Even if many of the new members of the URP have big bank accounts and live a luxury life, they did not give up their dream of having access to state funds. In other words, the URP intends to create a parliamentary group to receive funds for the election campaign. According to hotnews.ro, RPU has only 10 deputies and needs just one more to form a parliamentary group, as stipulated by the legislation.

Once they have created the group, the URP parliamentarians will use the state money to pay the electoral campaign expenses. Even with criminal cases, they will again have access to state money, while prosecutors struggle to send them behind the bars for corruption.  This will be another proof that criminals in the Parliament defy the electorate in Romania.

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