The Democratic Party undergoes through a crisis of democracy. This has been revealed by the very recent congress, which elected the president of the party without any alternative candidate. Moreover, the president was elected unanimously, which is against the democratic principles. Wasn’t there any other candidate, at least a puppet one? Although prior to the congress, people mentioned names like Pavel Filip and Adrian Candu, the congress was held in Brezhnev style, like all the communist congresses of the Soviet Union, resulting in “a unanimous vote". Even Marian Lupu, with a sadly solemn face, called for unanimity.

One might say it's the party's internal business. They’ve chosen a king. What else could he be? A prime minister, president of the country? Moldovan practice shows that things can be well orchestrated from the shadows, or they will be conducted even better with official positions. Justice, 90% of the media, parliamentary majority, Government, the public broadcaster Moldova 1, Broadcasting Coordinating Council, other televisions – many more institutions can be added to unofficial list of Plahotniuc’s assets.

It wouldn’t be very serious, if this had no lasting political consequences for the entire society. So what should we expect?

First, the electoral system will be changed. It’s a must. It has been some time since the Democrat leaders said they opt for a mixed system of elections, half of the deputies to be elected based on party lists and the other half based on single-member constituencies. Therefore, even if the popularity of the Democratic Party shrinks in the polls, it is not a tragedy, because the mixed system ensures that 7-8 deputies will get into the Parliament on party list.  Then, 40-50 'independent' deputies, elected in single-member constituencies, will declare their adherence to the Democratic Party, or they will accede without declaring it, by common voting of laws. And it is absolutely legal! A political formation with ratings below 10 % will dominate and control the political, social, economic and cultural arena for another four years.

What can legally prevent Plahotniuc from making the entire Moldova his private property with its citizens and businesses, theaters and media? Nothing at the moment. The new Broadcasting Code, strongly promoted by foreign partners, fainted somewhere on the way from the Government to the Parliament, because this document provides that no person may hold more than two (!) television stations.  In addition, it should be admitted that those who voted against Plahotniuc, came to a sticky end, for example Topa brothers, Ana Ursachi, even if there were no separate criminal cases. So, people experience a healthy dose of fear.

Of course, there is also the civil society. However, a rebel sophomore often turns into an obedient tool by the time he graduates, as he has a career to make, or a family to feed...

Sandu Spinu

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