The DPM leader Vlad Plahotniuc and Premier Pavel Filip said on July 6, that Moldova remains committed to the European path and will continue the reforms, despite the European Parliament's resolution on the suspension of macro-financial assistance for our country. The two qualified the decision as politics, which brings electoral benefits to the extra-parliamentary parties PAS and PPDA.

The statements were made in a press briefing.

Plahotniuc said the authorities had fulfilled all the commitments they made towards external partners and the EP decision, which according to him, did not make any sense, comes to bring PAS and PPDA electoral benefits.

The PD leader also noted that Moldova was pictured in such a way, as if the Government would not have wanted to get involved in the act of justice.

Plahotniuc also said that this resolution was promoted by Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase against Moldova.

The Prime Minister Pavel Filip also disappointed with the vote of the deputies, stressing also that the Government fulfilled and realized all the reforms undertaken. The prime minister said the resolution will not have economic effects, because the Executive managed to achieve significant economic growth.

According to the prime minister, the vote involves the risk of lowering citizens' confidence in the European Union, a confidence that has increased in recent years.

Pavel Filip also pointed out that the Government "does not have plan A and plan B", but only one plan, that of European integration.

The Parliament speaker Andrian Candu, also spoke at the briefing, and made statements about the need to amend the electoral legislation, which led to the invalidation of the elections. Candu said a working group, including international experts, will be set up to review the legislation.

Recall that yesterday, July 5, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the suspension of macro-financial assistance to the Republic of Moldova. The decision was based on the political situation in the country, especially the invalidation of the local elections in the capital.

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