Democrat MP Constantin Tutu founded a security firm, TC - Vipsecurity, which appears in his income and property declaration for 2017, along with Constant-Petrol, a company founded by the deputy in 2016. Both companies contain the initials of the Democrat - TC (Tutu Constantin) and Constant (Constantin) in their names.

From the same declaration for 2017, we find out that the Democrat bought a Mercedes worth 80,000 euros, selling another for the same price. A third Mercedes was sold for 20,000 lei in 2017.

Last year, the deputy's revenues amounted to about 170,000 lei derived from his deputy salary, about 70,000 lei from parliamentary allowances, 15,000 euros from donations to a family event and the sums obtained from the sale of cars.

In 2017, the Democrat deputy purchased a plot of land worth over 50,000 lei.

Tutu also states that he owns since 2016, an apartment of 82 square meters, however, its value is not stated.

Besides the two companies that have been declared, the press also wrote that this year, the deputy has launched a collection of clothes and an online store. Deputy’s initials, TC, can be seen on the clothes, as well.



In 2016, the MP also opened his own sports club, called  "C. Tutu - PRO Team", also using his initials in the name of the club.



Constantin Tutu became a parliamentarian after the election of 2014. In the same year, before the election, he became a member of the Democratic Party.

Before becoming a deputy, Tutu was known as a martial arts and Muay Thai fighter.

In 2012, Tutu was involved in a scuffle at Orhei, which resulted in the death of the Moldovan criminal Alexei Veretco, aka "Krasavcik", but he was exempt from criminal liability. 

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