The civil case, in which the Moldovan citizens from diaspora have contested the voting conditions in the second round of the presidential election could be submitted to the Constitutional Court. A decision with regard to this matter will be taken Tuesday, November 29, by the Central District Court of Chisinau.

The request for submission the dossier to the Constitutional Court was filled by the lawyers of Diaspora, who are asking the Central Commission to express their statements on the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of limiting the number of ballots to polling stations abroad.

On Monday meeting, November 28th, the Central Election Commission lawyers have demanded to dismiss the request, as the the applicants did not comply with the preliminary procedure. In reply, the lawyers of Diaspora said that the preliminary procedure has been followed and accused the Central Election Commission of delaying the process. After a long deliberation, the magistrate Djeta Chistol, has dismissed the request of the CEC representatives.

A total of 133 representatives of Diaspora from Italy, UK, France, Ireland acted the electoral authorities to court after the Election Council of Chisinau and the Central Election Commission adopted the decision to surrender the 4,000 complaints issued by people who failed to vote. Diaspora interests are represented by the lawyers Eduard Digore and Veronica Mihailov-Moraru.

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