SPRM leader, Igor Dodon, announces the launch of a new motion of censure against the Government after in May, 24 Socialist deputies signed for the same cause. Then SPRM needed two more signatures.

This time, the Moldova Socialists' leader, believes that: "Not the people must repay the billion stolen, but thieves who governed at the time" in the context in which the Moldovan Government assumed responsibility on a package of seven laws including a project which provides for the billion stealing to be put on people's account.

"I declare that we will initiate a motion of censure against the government. Repeated theft of financial and banking system can not be accepted, nor the one from the budget or from the pocket of citizens. We have no money for pensions, salaries, scholarships. Socialist Party calls for all deputies to sign the motion against the government, regardless of political color or geopolitical options." Dodon wrote on Facebook. 


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