The President of the country, Igor Dodon, is dissatisfied with the December 11th opinion by the Constitutional Court (CC) of the Democrats' Initiative on the introduction of the European integration as a strategic orientation of the country in the Constitution. Dodon argues that a national referendum would have been needed for this purpose and that he would do his best to prevent Parliament from adopting this legislative initiative.

According to the head of state, the Court reconfirmed this opinion that "it is not in the Constitution's watch but in the interests of the government."

The President also claims that this amendment is contrary to the Supreme Law, which states that "no ideology can be instituted as an official ideology of the state", and in this sense "European integration is the vision of the ruling party and can not be imposed as an official ideology of state in the Constitution ". The initiative would also violate the article on "sovereignty and state power" in the Constitution.

Dodon suggested that it would be "normal" to hold a national referendum, because only the people have the right to decide the introduction of European integration into the Constitution.

The head of state also said that he would do his best not to adopt the constitutional amendment by the current Parliament.

According to the legal provisions, the initiative can only be voted on by the Legislature in June, 2018.

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