It turns out the Russian press is not as friendly to the Moldovan president as it seems. The Russian publication Kommersant ironically commented on Dodon’s statements, made during his meeting with President Putin, which took place on October 10 in the presidential residence in Sochi.

Thus, in an article entitled "Consolations by the River (in Russian " Утешение у ручья", derived from the name of the presidential residence in Sochi, located in the town of Bocharov Ruschei) or how Igor Dodon grieved in Vladimir Putin's residence in Sochi", the author writes that Dodon "has sought again the consolation of the Russian President following the incessant and exhausting challenges he faced in the Government and Parliament in Chisinau."

The author of the article satirized every statement of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

He wrote that he tried to guess what "has been resumed" in the relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation and what are the positive leaps, mentioned by Dodon, who  claimed that there are already ten months since the heads of the two states resumed their  bilateral relations and that there were many positive leaps during this period.

The reporters also harshly criticized Dodon's statement with reference to the fact that the country’s exports of goods to Russia increased by 17% in the first half of this year.  

According to the journalists, this is not a very important achievement, as presently, almost all the countries display an increase in trade with Russia, and in other meetings, Vladimir Putin and his counterparts do not even mention such insignificant figures.  Most often, figures smaller than 40% do not appear in the conversations.

The reporters also wrote that judging by the figures presented by Dodon, one can get the idea that prior to his presidency, Moldova did not export anything to Russia.

 Kommersant also criticized another statement made by Dodon with reference to the fact that for the first time ever a delegation of 400 youths from both sides of the Nistru River will attend a youth festival organized in Sochi later this week. The reporters say that young people from Moldova and Transnistria will participate for the first time at this festival, because it is organized for the first time.

The journalists compared the meeting of Dodon and Putin to that of the President of Tajikistan and Putin, underlining that Amomali Rahmon preferred not appear in front of the media, while Dodon on the contrary, tended to do so only to be heard in Chisinau.

According to the publication, even if Dodon thanked the Russian Federation on behalf of Moldovan citizens for the existence of a "peacekeeping mission" in Transnistria, it is unlikely that the officials from the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova would be equally grateful for this. 

Dodon spoke more than Putin, Kommersant reports, the latter saying only some mandatory but "less necessary" phrases.

Although they have harshly criticized Dodon this time, Kommersat is closely following his activities and published several articles about the Moldovan president, deprived of any criticism.

We remind you that the meeting between Dodon and Putin took place as part of the session of the CIS Heads of State Councils and that of the Eurasian Supreme Economic Council, held in Sochi.

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