The future of the electoral system is decided on Facebook. The Democrat leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, and the President, Igor Dodon, discuss their projects on the change of the electoral system on the social network. The latter even resorts to political threats.

Thus, after Vlad Plahotniuc wrote on his blog that the project on mixed voting system is a fiction and the Socialists’ refusal to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections is only an advantage for the uninominal voting system, Igor Dodon also came up with a reaction.

Dodon says that as the president of Moldova he will not accept the uninominal vote and will block the voting and possible entry into force "of the democrats’ draft law on amending the electoral system" by all the instruments that are at his disposal.

"If there is a trump card up in the sleeve of the parliamentary majority, I will require all the political parties of Moldova to boycott the parliamentary elections," the president mentions. According to him, if the project is voted, everyone should go out on strike and protest against the initiative "until the final capitulation of the government and announcement of early parliamentary elections."

In the next period, the president and his advisers will send the project on the mixed voting to the Venice Commission and various organizations and state chancelleries. To this end, Dodon expects to have meetings with representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau.

In this context, Dodon requested the support of citizens, society and foreign partners to determine the parliament to abandon the idea of ​​the uninominal voting system.

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