As several candidates have declared their support for the joint candidate, Maia Sandu, the Socialist leader, Igor Dodon, urges his leftist partners to support him in order to win in the presidential run-off. 

In a press conference, Dodon has said that if he does not get the support of the left forces, he will win by 52-53%.

"Moldova's population wants a government of the left. I urge the leftist electorate to consolidate our forces. I first urge Usatii, Voronin, Ciubasenco, let's forget our ambitions and the conflicts that we had. Let us unite and we will win. I won in the north and in the south. Let's make this one overall victory," Igor Dodon said.

Recall that, previously, Dodon urged the support of Our Party but the latter refused. Today the candidate of Our Party, Dmitrii Ciubasenco, said Dodon played into Plahotniuc’s hands and asked to be left alone.

In contrast, Maia Sandu enjoys the support of those who left the race. The mayor Dorin Chirtoaca congratulated the ASP leader and said that Dodon is a Colorado beetle that has to be crushed. Iurie Leanca also claims he will do everything in his power to help Sandu win the second round. Ana Gutu also supports the joint candidate; she states that in the run -off she will vote against the Moscow’s man.

The independent candidate Valeriu Ghiletchi wrote on a social networking site that he was willing to support the pro-European course, but without sacrificing moral values ​​and preserving the definition of family. Maia Laguta says that she will not vote in the second round.

So far, 99.47% of protocols have been processed, Igor Dodon gained 48.22% and Maia Sandu - 38,43%.

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