President Igor Dodon wrote on his Facebook page that he signed his first legislative initiative. It provides for the annulment of the law that foresees that the citizens of Moldova have to reimburse the stolen billion.

"I reiterate my position in this regard - the stolen billions have to be returned by all those who participated in the fraud, who voted for laws facilitating the fraud, knowing the effects and choosing to keep silent. We are to blame the numerous state officials and the officials from the financial and banking institutions, those who were to counter the theft, but have not lifted a finger, or preferred to hide," Dodon wrote.

According to him, the problem must be examined by law enforcements. 

"The theft of the century, as it was called by international experts and by Moldovan citizens, caused fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, significantly weakening the purchasing power of the national currency, it had and continues to have significant repercussions on the state budget, it blocked the growth in pensions and salaries. If the situation does not change in the nearest future, the population will feel its negative effects in the long term," Igor Dodon wrote.

Dodon addressed the Parliament, asking to examine his legislative initiative in a priority regime and to cancel the law, which shoulders the repayment of the stolen billion on the citizens. "There are many other solutions, and I am ready to discuss them, but I am categorically against the repayment of the amount on the account of the current and next generations", the President concluded.


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